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Ruined Dragon Armor Shard - When to sell?


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I finished While Guthix Sleeps on the 2nd day it was out, and I got the Ruined Dragon Armor Shard from it. I have no desire to get a dragon platebody, nor do I have anywhere CLOSE to 99 smithing. So I want to sell it. The price is skyrocketing at the moment, and I want to wait until it gets more valuable before I sell it. The question I have is when should I sell it? I was thinking that I should wait long term, maybe a month or more, before selling it. I figure the price will rise, but not that high, as people are doing the quest and selling their pieces. Once most everyone has done the quest, the supply coming from the quest will dry up, and there will only be the supply coming from the Tormented Demons. That is when, I think, the price will really rise.




The only flaw in my plan is will the price of the dragon shards rise, or will just the price of the dragon platebody rise? If 99 smithers (a rather small group) are able to buy the dragon shards, smith them into a platebody, and sell for a profit, then the shards will rise in price along with the platebody. Its a risky assumption, however, because if the 99 smithers have NO incentive to buy shards to make dragon platebodies, then the demand for the dragon shards will be minimal. I'm no economist, so my idea might be flawed, which is why I posted here. Is waiting long term before selling the armor piece a good idea? If not, when should I?

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Due to the sheer volume of people killing the demons I suggest waiting another week and seeing their status. I won't imagine them rising much more after a week or 2.

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I'd sell it now, most of the people I know have been soloing these things since they came out pulling 15-20 kills a trip. They've also gotten multiple shards. Also, there is really no demand for a d plate so it's bound to drop in price very soon.

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Well the consensus seems to be selling it now, so I'll wait a few days and then sell it!




Don't understand your logic there... but I'd just sell it now at max price (it should sell instantly) because the novelty will wear off soon.

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Next week Jagex stated that level 92 smithers will be able to smith the platebodies. You can read the full statement at this QFC on the Official Forums: 15-16-653-57967040.




This might affect the prices from rising/dropping.

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