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Cheap Herblore Levels?


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Not really trying to be mean here, more suggestive, but waiting more than 11 minutes for a bump?(I realize you apologize, but the point remains)


As a real tip, try searching the GE Database to find out which way would be the cheapest. Although I doubt this applies as much here, people don't like giving away their secrets.


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Serum 207 is cheap because the second ingredient is readily available. Pick up the ashes on known firemaking spots, like the GE. Tarromins are cheap too. Buy water filled vials in Ardougne or shilo village.




You could also make potions you are actually going to use, like super attacks, prayer potions, etc.




Herb cleaning is profitable, but VERY slow since it is only a few xp per herb.




Making harralander tar may be fast too, I don't know about the prices, though.




Make sure you farm herbs while training, to make back some of your losses, or to make even more potions.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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