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I dunno :| I wanted the CCTV camera to come out of someones head, but I can't find any good standing people stocks :roll: Could anyone direct me to some? Preferably male ones :thumbup:


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Too much going on at the right, which makes it hard for me to focus on the left part.




My eyes went:


To the left, to where the main text is (nice fonts by the way),






Reads CCTV, looks at the camera, reads DRUNK and then something of the rest.




The part that you devided by the safety-line (below 'he is watching') has an unclear message,


why does that part need a line and what does it devide?




Keep it up, you're in the right direction :)



[Tip.it Moderator from Dec 10, 2006 to 03 Sep, 2008]

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I don't really like the typography you got going there. It's just not working. It doesn't look good.


The whole flipped and rotated text thing.


The text on the left is fine, looks decent. The rest messes it up.




I don't know what to advise, perhaps study some real good works of typography, see what they did to make it work.


Give it something more. Perhaps a really subtle wall the camera is mounted to, and add the text in perspective. It'll still be a work of typography, but a bit more original and good looking compared to rotated and flipped text.

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God no. That song was cool the first time listening to it. Now it just really pisses me off.




#1 Wongtong stalker.

Im looking for some No Limit soldiers!

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Everything lol. :P I don't get it (why he posted that song.)




The art style is simular... I guess.




As for the picture, well the text placement is a bit confusing and hard to read...


Here be dragons ^


Dragon of the Day


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