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Snape Grass


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What's the best way to get hold of snape grass for herblore? It's a bit too steep for my liking on the GE. I know that it spawns on Waterbirth and the hobgoblin peninsula; the latter of which seems very inefficient as there are only 3 spawns compared to the many found on Waterbirth, but Waterbirth is so far away from any bank. What are other people's methods of getting hold of this? Are there any other lesser know spawns? What's the most efficient route- tele's, fairy rings, anything that helps out would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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You can reach hobgoblin peninsula easily with the Necklace of Skills.




It teleports you to the front door of the crafting guild. Take a dueling ring as well and you go back and forth quite easily.




I usually use the respawn time to kill hobgoblins which frequently drop limpwurt roots.



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Peninsula for me. Killing hobgoblins fo limpwurt roots. Take a terrorbird with me. Falador tabs for banking as I don't have skills neclaces.




Ballooning from CW is also possible, but you can't bring a BoB then.




Waterbirth is faster, I think, but I find it boring.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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Depending on your skills and levels, you could house tele near rimmington and if you've done rocking out, bank at the deposit and run back...or use glory ammy or skills necklace.




I usually cut a yew nearby and float on balloon to CW (wielding axe) and cut an oak to get back. That leaves you enough for 28 grass or a combo of grass and roots if you kill hobgobbies in between. Beast of burden is a good idea, too.

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