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  1. Can't they just temporarily close down Soceress garden until they find some kind of workable anti-bot solution for this minigame???
  2. The only time when it is expensive if you don't have the construction levels is when you go for the week's collection of all jadinkos hunted. Because then you have to cycle through all the different building options. If you are just interested in farming pots you can catch common jadinkos. A vine blossom of any kind is needed. Catch plenty for ugune seeds And then you need marble vines from Igneous jadinkos. You need 74 hunter (71 with hunter pot). A thermal vent is 59K. That's not that much. You can just leave it in place. Only pay once.
  3. I would think you are better off putting whip on controlled, do slayer and get your combat levels evenly, while at the same time gathering charms, clues, loot, and slayer exp. But that is just me.
  4. This thread has been informative though. I had 100M in the bank at the beginning of this thread. Not a lot of money for Chessy, but for me it is. I then considered what is important. I subsequently bought 4700 frost dragon bones to get my prayer up and finally get 138 combat level. And in order to clean out my bank. A skill can always be recovered. GP and rares cannot. Thank you Chessy. ps. I still blame you for merch'ing though.
  5. I think that being unlucky with RoW is normal actually. I have been unlucky as well.
  6. In that case they should ban chessy for a trust scam. Merchant clans relied on trust scams.
  7. South korea is a real country. With real people in them.
  8. It's not allowed to sell ingame items or accounts so the real value of Chessy018's bank was exactly 0.
  9. So does this mean the RoW is still quite pointless?
  10. It sounds like a pointless future update. I'd rather have it if they would spend their time on real content.
  11. I get less kills and yak cannot keep up. Someone else gets more kills and yak can bank all ashes. That's weird. Did you use summoning potions to refresh summoning spec?
  12. I seem to be doing only average slayer tasks: dust devils -> also 30k xp/hr. Normal outfit + iron titan in chaos tunnels. At least they drop crimsons and gems.
  13. 200 black demons + row; no special drops. They can't be that common.
  14. I guess banking ashes is more important to me than maximizing slayer exp. Still, I thought black demons would be better exp (for me). Makes me all wonder though, because I tend to do not so bad when comparing myself to the people who slay around me. That is the people I see every day. I sometimes count how many kills I have compared to the other guy at for instance the dark beasts. I usually come out on top. But apparently I slay quite inefficiently compared to the official efficiency figures. Makes me wonder if the average guy is doing even much worse than me. Because honestly the kill margin with the guy next to me can be 2:1 or 1.5:1. In my favour. Except in places like abby demons. Because I actually will pick up my own infernal ashes, and the ones that others leave. I am sometimes collecting more than slaying.
  15. Interestingly: gargoyle task + fero 27K/hr No special drops Black demons in taverly under normal conditions (it was a bit crowded at most times: it influenced the efficiency) + cannon: I had to bank once. Yak couldn't keep up. 29k/ hr. I was a bit surprised by that. I thought black demons were good exp. all infernal ashes banked. No other special drops.
  16. I actually heard of Zarfot. I actually modified some of my skilling methods after seeing how he does it. thanks zarfot.
  17. Never heard of him. Never corp'ed or nex'ed myself in my entire runescape career. Never will.
  18. Someone correct it then. ---- For those who are interested. In inefficient gear: v skirt, bandos top, slayer helmet, fury, RoW, d boots, d defender, whip. + iron titan + extremes + turmoil. Fire giants in chaos tunnels are 30k xp /hour. 210 fire giants can be done in 46 minutes. Which actually included switching worlds 6 times. Don't ask why. Also, never take RoW with you on this kind of task. It was utterly pointless. For some reason the RoW frenzy had gotten hold of me. Take off several minutes by not switching worlds and using a berserker. Shave off more time by using a rapier. didn't pick up anything below 5k.
  19. I am getting the feeling we still don't know what the effect of ROW is. The message that it shines brighter is with every drop. Which of those drops is now due to the ROW? You still get the same drops without.
  20. 100 torstols or snapdragons isn't so bad. It's only 2 herb runs. :thumbsup: Minus the seed costs. :ohnoes:
  21. You didn't read it carefully enough then because it says to read about all the updates for DG'ing in the patch notes + changes to the prestige system in the KB. >_> I read the patch notes. You didn't read my post or didn't understand my complaint. >_> Do these new updates make the gap between solo and team dunging exp gain smaller? No. I cannot find anything of the sort in the patch notes that the multiplier for solo has changed.
  22. Didn't they do that? That was supposed to be one of the updates, to make it so solo'ing and group dg'ing were equally efficient. Yeah if you read over the list properly loads of them were specifically for soloing eg making certain bosses lower leveled in solos etc etc and even the bits that weren't still heavily help soloing I re-read the first post. It says nothing about making the solo dunging experience gain more similar or comparable to the team dunging exp. I never had problems with bosses and what not. My problem is the big discrepancy between solo and team dunging experience gain.
  23. I'm going to be the first negative reaction to the dungeoneering update. I'm still waiting for an improvement in solo experience.
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