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To cook or not to cook?


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Okay well i may be going for 99 fishing with monkfish. That would be 86,283 monkfish and im wondering if i should cook them or not. I'll lose about 5m that i would get if i sold them all raw but i would gain an easy 13m exp or so and be in the top 500 for cooking. I can probably cook 5k a day if i work at it so it would just be 2-3 more weeks to do. Just want your guys' opinions on whether or not i should cook them.

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do you WANT to cook them (and be in the top 500?).




Do you need an extra 5M for something in particular (armour, weapon, skill investment)? If you don't: xp>gp in my opinion.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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Seriously, you already have 99 in a skill. What's the huge deal of getting really high ranked? I dont think anyone would really notice unless you're first-page..




I'd sell them all to buy another 99.

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Don't cook them, spend the money on getting 80 con, herb and smithing. All would be moore useful than getting top 500 in cooking.




And instead of using that 2-3 weeks on cooking spend it on firemaking and get yourself another cape.




Personally I see no point in going for ranks when you are NOT maxed. It doesn't make sense to me to be completely honest. Sure your ranked 20th in blah blah but why is your total level only 1,400 (not talking about you friend just in general)




Save the money and invest in things that are useful.

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