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F2P Mage training?


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I recently lost my membership , and would like to train mage. Currently my lvl is 62 i want to be around 75. What is the fastest way to trian mage in f2p? Also what is the most cost efficient but still good xp way? I dont want to completely loose all my cash so yeah... lol.

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If you're going for an expensive training method that works wonders gather up runes for the spell Curse and head over to the lesser demon trapped in the wizards tower south of Draynor Village. This works really but it's on the expensive side if you want to level f2p mage big time.

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^WHAT?!?! That's VERY slow, only 33k xp per hour. But it's fairly cheap.




To OP: Superheating iron is the fastest f2p mage xp, over 80k an hour.

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If you superheat mith you will save money and you will get your smithing up alot ?(i myself am superheating mith for magic xp \' )





pikatips005.png1,000 F2P Total Level Reached 10/8/10 !


[hide=Guides]Magic & Summoning Profit Spreadsheets! *UPDATES EVERY HOUR* (includes: High alch, Superheat, and Enchanting)

4 BETTER alternatives to flesh crawlers[/hide]





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Superheating Iron costs over 100k per hour, but is 80k xp per hour. That's really as good as it gets.




Superheating Mithril costs almost nothing, but is 55k xp per hour. That's as cheap as it gets.

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