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Jad Prayer Switching problems?


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I have a fire cape, and i went for my second one. I reached jad and began fighting and noticed how laggy the prayer switches were. I reached the healers, and one switch didn't come on so i clicked it again, but it never came on and i died. The big problem besides the switching is that a lot of my friends are having the same laggy problem i'm having so its not my computer. Has anyone ran into this problem? -.-


99 Fletching - 08/14/08

Fire Cape - 3/7/09

Quest Cape - 12/29/09

99 Defense - 3/17/10

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It has been fixed, I can testify to this as I kill tormented demons alot, and that requires many switches. It could just be a busy time, or your comp. is lagging. Also, are you on the same server you normally use?

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I felt the same way, that prayers were lagging, but then i realized that




The time it takes for a prayer to activate is still the exact same, the difference is that




Before Update: When you clicked on a prayer, it would highlight, and then there would be a delay before it activated (you could tell by the fact that the highlight on the prayer tab would be immediate, but it would be a second before you heard the sound).




After Update: The highlight occurs at the exact moment as activation, making you think that there's a delay in the activation, when in fact the delay was just hidden before by the fact that the highlight occured instantaneously.




This takes some getting used to if you prayer flick (i do it with piety), but for just activating prayers there's no more delay than before.

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Like people above me have said, there is a small delay (as before). The reason why the prayer never activated was because it was activating when you clicked it again, turning it off.



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