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slayer points


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i have a question, what should i spend slayer points on after i have slayer helm?? because i really don't have a clue


Drops:2x Dragon Chain, 8x Dragon Platelegs, 3x Dragon Plateskirts

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Pretty much blocking tasks.




You can get the ability to unlock slayer rings if you want, then have someone with 75 crafting assist you in making them if you don't have 75.




After that you could use them to learn to fletch broad bolts/arrows, but I think that's pretty much a waste of points, mainly because broad bolts are cheap enough to the point where making them yourself would just be wasting time.




After you get your slayer ring ability (if you want it) and block all your tasks, the best thing to spend your points on are slayer dart runes. That's all the points are worth really worth being used for.




Always keep a 100 or so points though for canceling tasks.

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Block the 4 tasks that you refuse to do, or can't do. After you have those blocked, spend your points on learning to make the slayer ring if you feel that the teleports it gives you will help you out with your slaying. Then spend you points on slayer dart runes. I spent about 300 points on runes the other day after finishing my 100th task and got about 780k worth of runes. As mentioned above, you should also make sure to keep around 100 points of so incase you ever want to skip a task that you don't feel like doing at the time.

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Being able to make the Broad bolts/arrows is really only good for fast crafting. Other then that there is no point in wasting the points on the ability.

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