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A level 99 skill


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Hey, it is kinda weird for me to ask this kind of question. But my friend's have been suggesting it to me, since i have been playing for like 5+ years now, have 2624mill+ exp and a quest cape.




I thought about it, but i want something that would go with my personality. I don't want some cabbage str/fletch/cook/fm cape just for the reason of having a cape, i have the quest cape for that.


The main reason i've never gotten a 99 skill before, is because i like to entertain myself with Runescape, so i don't spend ages on the one thing.


Also, i don't have the money for expensive skills(only a 1mill cash+ maybe 8mill net i think?).


I'd only get maybe like 2 hours a day. But i don't play RS every day. It's normally on Fridays/weekends/public holidays.




My personality is kinda like the crazy person(well friend's call me abit crazy). Like i'm random a lot and funny. But i also like nature itself, so not really slayer. and i don't know why i'd mention it, but i'm creatively smart+kinda academically smart. :)




I had these ones in mind: Magic, hunter, farming, fishing, agility.


A friend suggested, that with farming, i should do farming once(like a entire patch run, once per day) and then do whatever else. I don't know if i should do that, plus tree seeds are expensive.




My Runescape User name is 'Roanlo Zolo' if you want to look it up(I know some of you actually enjoy helping people ::' ) for my levels.


Also if you suggest something, could something tell me a way to train it? From my current level :D




EDIT: Only got 24mill exp apparntly

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For farming, just buy magic seed and highest fruit tree seed you can do.




Do them daily and train other skills.






This way you get to train another skill while lving farming up.

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Fishing if you want to relax and let it come at a steady pace.


Hunter can be done quite fast. Also at 80+ you can make millions off the Red Chins.


Magic will require some money to get.


Agility will also take some time and a lot of clicks.


Farming also cost a lot, but you can plant herbs on the side to cost some of the costs.




If i had to choose from those i would do fishing or hunter. Those are probably the fastest, and with the profit from them you can use the money on either Magic or Farming.

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I'm personally going for 99 fishing atm, and may i just say, that after about 1-2 weeks of fishing every day i'm online, i'm never bored! :thumbsup: This is mostly because i enjoy the skill and it doesn't seem like work to me, my advice is go for a 99 you enjoy.


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If you want a cape to go with your crazy personality i'd say go with Agility.


Rope swinging over [bleep]es and jumping on stepping stones over lava is pretty crazy! ;)


From you level i'd train agility in the wildy course until 70 and then go to ape atoll all the way to 99.




But if you want a somewhat easier cape go with fishing. Agility (especially in the wildy) requires a lot of paying attention...And patience.

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If you like multitasking, then go with fishing. I live in a one room apartment and I used to do the dishes, lift weights and do homework while training to 92.




Farming would be very quick in terms of total amount of time used training it. For efficiency here's Muddaking's guide:



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Thanks for that advice guys. Most of you are saying that fishing would be the best route as for a 99 skill.




Also, i'm still having troubles with muddinks guide. But the amount i could see looks. I can't find on youtube, so i'll have to try with that.




Unless anyone else has any other ideas, i'd say that a farming route once a day and then fishing would be best idea.




EDIT: that is a good thing for all the trees. I have a Tip.It guide that i really like, it shows places for ALL the allotments. PLus i can't use half of those places he has listed, i can't plant spirit trees(i got a seed though \' ), i can't balloon to gnomes and the other high leveled stuff. Thanks for the help though;)

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I'd say agility.




It's one of the cheapest you've picked, very well respected, and overall helps towards almost all other skills.






Yeah i would say Agility aswell. It a very handy Skill to have. Makes alot of routes much shorter. its also very well respected as its a skill that cant be baught nor afk'ed



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