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I'm not sure what to do.


I want to one day reach 200Mxp in Runecrafting. Sure, it's quite a no lifers goal, blah blah, but it's something that would be mine, and I'd know I'd be above over 130 Million people in this skill. But at the same time I want money.




Through ZMI, I could get the 200Mxp, plus a nice sum of cash at the end. But with graahk double natures, I could get to 99, a more reasonable goal, with a very very very nice amount of cash.




So what would you recommend?




A) Go ZMI all the way to 200M xp


B) Natures to 99, then ZMI the rest


C) Get to 99 through double natures, then take the time to 99 other skills


D) Get to 99 through ZMI


E) Other option

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Option D:* Natures all the way.


This would net you an insane amount of cash.


*Only to be used if you don't worry about time


Sig by me, in MS paint, but I'm still working on it.

Suggestions appreciated


This guide is as concise as a gourmet's handbook with the guidelines of "Pick up fork, stab food, insert into your mouth, then chew".

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Concentrate on getting 99 first, then - if you feel you are really up for the challenge of taking it further do a mixture of things.




I would first PM a few people in the top 20 runecrafting to see how they got to the exp they're at.




I should think most of them did mostly ZMI for exp and double natures for cash. 200Mil is a lot of exp, and double nats is rather slow compared to other options such as ZMI


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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