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Wow. Higher revision boredom drove me back to runescape, my one time true addiction.


Found the new logon buttons, got confused by the lack of worlds and freaked by the sudden blaring music.




Logged on and nothings the same! 2 years and I no longer know anything! - it took me 3 minutes to find the logout button -.-




So can you guys give me the lodown on whats been goin on in the last 2 years? (I'm too lazy to read 2 years worth of jagex updates)





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Try to post it in this section http://forum.tip.it/viewforum.php?f=12.




You will get more help there ;)


99 Woodcutting 09/12/08 - 99 Cooking 13/01/09 - 99 Fletching 20/04/09 - 2,713th to 99 Construction 14/09/09


New summon monster. You get 99 summon and complete a hard quest to gain the ability to summon Jesus, who splits the waters allowing you to walk to a new port town where you unlock the sailing skill. Obviously ;)


That was Moses you idiot.


That gets fixed in the bugfix the following week. Maybe.

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2 Years is too much to explain


New Quests


New Skills


New Minigames


New Bugs


The list is long


Your best bet would be to continue with what you know, and if you get stuck then ask a specific question


Or just do your best running around and trying to figure things out yourself :thumbsup:


null and void

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Well, something i think is VERY worth mentioning is that they took away wilderness cause of Real World Trading for runescape money/items/leveling and so on.




But for not so long ago they brought wilderness back in certain worlds but the drops are randomized and affected by various of stuff like how long you have been fighting someone and how much damage inflicted. I think its good but so many kids are complaining that they want the old Bounty Hunter back (the wilderness replacement which was about hunting down targets, which is also incorporated in the new wildy.)




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Here's a bit of help:




~New interface layout.




~New Quests.




~New minigames.




~New emotes.




~Prices of items of MUCH different to how they where two years ago.




~New spellbook layout.




Thats about all i can say off the top of my head, help this helps \'


Click my signature for my blog!

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-Summoning skill.


-New PvP(BH and PvP worlds).


-Soul wars & Stealing creation minigames.


-New quests, including a grandmaster(While Guthix Sleeps).


-New emotes.


-New itens like the PvP ones..


-Price changing on all itens.


-New spells(Anciennts).


-Max combat is 138, 126 + 12 from summoning.


-New graphics(HD).


-New prayers.


-Distractions and Diversions(Penguin hunting and circus).

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From another similiar topic which I spent 10 minutes thinking up things new, these are the 'about 1 year+ things', If you don't know about Gwd ('God Wars Dungeon', look it up) and Barrows (the armour, not the minigame) already... you've got alot to learn (look them up, I am too tired to write any more):




The game has been totally changed thanks to the RWT updates, there have been ALOT of minigames added to try and replicate the 'old wild'.




Summoning (why is it good?)


This skill imo is the best skill ever. Although the process of gaining charms, creating pouches for xp etc is tiresome, some of the familiars themselves are EXTREMELY useful in situations like in the Godwars Dungeon.


At level 99 Summon, you can summon familiar 'Steel Titan', the ultimate of titans and was previously the monster which you can deal most damage to (150 damage with ruby bolts (e), however, this has been surpassed by the Avatars in Soul Wars). The summoner can use the special attack, which deals a ranged attack to hit up to 4 times, which hits a maximum of 4(24), which is 96. This also gives an invisible 15% defence level boost, constantly.


At level 96 Summon, you can summon familiar 'Pack Yak' which is around level 600 and can carry up to 30 items, which is extremely useful.


At level 90 Summon, you can summon familiar Iron Titan, basically a weaker version of the Steel Titan.


At level 88, you can summon familiar Unicorn Stallion, with the special to be healing the summoner. A direct quote from RsWiki: Healing Aura is the special move for the Unicorn stallion, which heal up to 15% of the total hitpoints of the summoner. As the scrolls are stackable, this is a very common healing method used by players who wish to stay in a certain place (usually a boss) for a long period of time.


This can heal up to 42hps every 2 minutes, and the healing is stackable, this would be extremely useful to camp with a team in a dangerous place like Bando's Gwd.


At level 79, you can summon your first Titans, which is the start of good combat familiars. These are also useful for Gwd because these heal you alike the Unicorn Stallion. However, these only heal 8 per special, although it also gives a 15% defence boost also. You can do the special up to 3 times like the Unicorn stallion. This means you can heal up to 24hps every 2 minutes (30 seconds for a quarter of special bar). This is VERY useful for Gwd and Dk's.


At level 68, you can summon a Bunyip, a healing familiar which heals 2hps every 15 seconds, which sounds small, however, this is MORE than enough for common training places where you would not take alot of damage wiith sufficient armour like rune and torag's. This familiar allows myself to camp at armoured zombies for around 4 hours at maximum efficiency, without having to do anything at all.


At level 67, you can summon a Tortoise, a familiar that is an upgraded Terrorbird but cannot give you run energy. It can hold up to 18 items, very nice for Godwars Dungeon.


At level 52, you can summon a Spirit Terrorbird, a extremely useful everyday familiar you use everywhere, it holds up to 12 items and has the special ability to 'heal' run energy equivilent to half your agility level, and only uses 10% of the special bar. Say, if you had 50 agility, you would heal 25% run energy. The scrolls are so extremely cheap that it's virtually free, around 50gp per scroll.


At level 40, you start having the ability to summon useful familiars. The first one which I deem useful is the bullant, a more expensive version of the Spirit Terrorbird, and has a maximum inventory of 8.


At lower levels, summoning can be used as a weak method of moneymaking, such as with the spirit spider specials where you do the special and collect eggs, bank them and repeat. This could make up to around 200k per hour, decent for only 15 summoning requirement.




Rwt related updates


(You might know most of these, depending on how long '1 year+' is


Grand Exchange - The place to buy and sell everything, the prices are set by the average paying prices of players, and changes every day, the prices you may not like but you must abide by them, partially making it annoying when a merchant clan (technically price manipulator clans) buys something out, creating artificial demand and raising prices -.-. The main point of it is to cap a price on everything, literally everything, so you couldn't just sell a bucket for a party hat (Rwting)




Bounty Hunter - Basically it was a rushed update to try and please pkers who wanted their 'old wilderness back', the object of the minigame is to kill your target and loot, whilst you can also be a rogue (one who doesn't kill your assigned target, often not your level and someone has literally 0 chance of winning, like a level 100 ranger verses a level 80 ahrimer, seriously?). The original layout for it was for everything to be multi, and your wealth that you are risking becomes a coloured skull with coins next to it, being that the more you risk, the higher the stack of coins nexted to your coloured skull. This does not take into account that protect item has been activated and the person is only risking 100k or so. THIS IS TAKEN OUT BTW




PvP Worlds - Jagex made worlds where you can pk everywhere, alike RuneScape classic back in the day. The looting system is a bit haywire and is generally disliked for the fact that you can kill someone in full Bando's armour and godsword and only receive 100k loot, which is ridiculous (it has happened alot, there ARE vids to prove it, I just can't be bothered to find some to link for you).




The explanation about the drop system is that 'the hero of the fight (one who wins the fight, and must also have dealt most damage) must be risking 75k's worth in items or coins, assuming protect item is activated, whilst the one who dies must be risking 25k's worth in items or coins, also assuming protect item is activated, and a random yet good drop will be generated by the system'. To gain these good drops, you MUST ALSO have built drop potential, by risking 75k in a PvP world for intervals of 30 minutes. These does not have to be consecutive, but they will be counted in full minutes. There is no way to lose these drop potential points until you gain a drop generated by the system.




The rare/best drops you could gain: Vesta Longsword (7.2m), Dragonfire Shield (14m or so, crashing atm, but will rise back up), Dragon Full Helm (was around 15m, crashed to 8m atm, but will go back up in time), Fury (1.7m, it crashed too...), Dragon Chainbody (around 5m, crashed). Alot of slayer drops and abyssal whips, Fremmenik rings etc are all dropped as a randomly generated drop by the system.




(Just a big update, not sure if it has anything to do with rwt)


RuneScape HD - The name for this has fooled many players into thinking RuneScape will become RuneScape High Definition, but instead, it's an abbrieviation for RuneScape High Detail. In this update, many things got changed, there are major changes to emotes and such and also the ability to play in fullscreen, although not best for every occasion as it's known to be much more laggy in places where it's dangerous.




(New monster tbh, not sure if it has anything to do with rwt)


Corporeal beast - The New strongest monster on RuneScape. It's level 785 and requires 'Summers End' quest completed to reach. It has extremely high defence (moreso than Gwd bosses) and has 2000 hps, literally impossible to fight alone. You may think prayer would work against it, but it only partially blocks damage, which makes it hard to hit him.


You may also think Ruby bolts (e) would take him out quickly, but Jagex has thought of this and has capped the ability to only spec 100's at maximum, and his defence is so high that it would take forever before you spec. He eats your Familiars when they get too close to him, so the summoning skill has limited uses here. Whenever he eats a familiar, he heals some hps for himself, he also summons Dark Cores, little critters that help him restore hitpoints, they only have about 50hps, but you cannot attack it whilst it's jumping, which only happens if you get targetted and run. They drain rapid 5's from your hps and I think it cannot be negated by any prayers, making the beast more dangerous.


The rewards from the beast is amazing though. There are 'sigils' that it drops and are worth either in the 150m region or the 350m region, depending on which sigil. Two shields, the elysian and the devine, are damage reducing shields. The Elysian will reduce 25% of damage dealt to you for no penalties, 75% of the time. Also having no negative mage bonus and has comparable stats to a fully charged Dragonfire Shield, somewhat causing the DragonFire Shield to become 15m, whilst it was originally 25m. The Divine Shield, takes off 30% of all damage dealt to you, 100% of the time, although taking half of the reduced damage from your prayer points. Say, you would of gotten hit for 100, the shield would reduce the damage to 70, but you would lose 15 prayer points. The other shields I know little about and rather not explain about.




Stealing Creation - New combat/skiller focused minigame where the objective is to collect, process and bank most clay. The game is not most fun, however, the rewards are very nice. The games are 20 minutes with 2 minutes waiting time, normally. However, the game also ends when the clay runs out, which is fast in a skill no kill team. Teams that only skill without killing is 'Sc Claymates' (clanchat), and 'Fast Sc' (I think....). The rewards double the normal xp as long as you use the tools, and you can easily convert one tool to another. For example, you struggle to make and keep money yet want alot of construction xp, the best thing to do is to go to a skillnokill team and gain points, 'buy' stealing creation tools and convert it into a hammer and skill with it. These tools would degrade, with a set amount of xp you can gain with them, dependant on tool type you choose.


Killing games takes alot more skill and I have not done enough to give even a brief explanation.




Clanwars, Castlewars, and everything else I can think of right now aren't too significant to know about.




(new) Training Methods


Camp at (relatively) new monster named 'Armoured Zombies (level 85)' for an easy 100k xp per hour, whilst profiting too. The cost for training is mainly for the Super Potions used, only 3 pure sets per hour, which is less than 20k, also, you can actually EARN money whilst training if you are picking up the noted drops (9 normal planks, 4 oak planks, 2 mahogany planks, not sure about the numbers but around 10 pure essences), ranarrs, and blue charms from this monster. You can max 52's on these with a whip, which is pretty sick imo. Oh, and the good thing is these are hardly crowded and it's semi afkable, as in you read forums and talk in clanchat whilst the aggressiveness trains for you (auto retaliate tbh)




This also works for ranged xp, lower numbers (around 60k-70k, I'm not the most efficient ranger in the world), but requires very little attention and great xp for ranged. You still gain the same drops btw, if you want further info about Armoured Zombies, feel free to pm me, I can answer a few questions and ask my friend to pm you also.




New Weapons


Dragon Claws - Basically the rich man's dds. It costs around 25m and has extreme accuracy, speed of a dagger and all it takes for a good KO is two successive 30's, and the rest of the hits will follow, adding up to twice the 30's per attack. Four hits occour simultaneously. (15-30-7-8) Under my knowledge, the max hit is a double 37, which is 74.




Vesta Longsword - The epic weapon that degrades to dust in an hour, costs around 7m and is basically a fast version of a GodSword, with the spec that 'is harder to defend against', maxes around 65 or something, you can spec 4 times before you run out of special energy, and is the speed of a Longsword. To get these yourself you must gain it as a drop from PvP Worlds or the very newest Bounty Worlds.




Zanik's Crossbow - The upgraded versions of a Bone Crossbow rewarded in the 150th quest 'A Chosen Commander', requiring a adamant crossbow to exchange for it. The special attack hits 15 extra damage on one's who pray to gods, which means if you use protect items or Protect melee/magic, you would hit your normal hit + an extra 15 damage. You can max 57's with void.




Morrigan's Throwing Axe - similar to Morrigan's Javelin, with different throwing speeds and special, don't know much about these.




Morrigan's Javelin - THE Ranger's weapon, the best hit I've seen in the high 50's with the special attack. These can be poisoned and is a pvp weapon, degrading in 1 hour. (Tbh, I need to buy one to work out whether it's like barrows and degrades in 1 hour's worth of combat or 1 hour of wielding and whatnot) These cost around 50k each and the special attack would cause continous damage alike poison does, in sets of 5's every 2 seconds and stacks with normal poison damage, the total 'phantom' damage is the initially dealt damage you inflicted with the special attack. For example: You hit a 50 with the special attack - it would be 50-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5.




The Spirit Shields - see the 'Corporeal Beast' section.




Ourg bones from the bando's boss, stabilising around 10k each.

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-Summoning, can be useful at higher levels, basically using things to make a pouch to summon creatures that can help you in various ways


-Spirit Shields and the Corporeal Beast- new shields that have incredible stats and a new highest level monster


- Old wilderness gone for a while, then we had Bounty Hunter, now we have a revised version of the old wilderness back


-Other skills added, hunter which is hunting animals to use in other skills


-Construction, building a house and putting useful stuff in it


-God Wars Dungeon, high level dungeon with difficult bosses inside which drop some REALLY good drops


- Other new quests and other crap




That's basically the most important stuff in a nutshell.

PM me for fitocracy invite

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