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  1. >using a system of years based on nothing
  2. Doublepost because http://news.yahoo.com/bin-laden-told-children-live-peace-west-163431838.html Not sure how I feel about this - did the guy actually have a heart, or was he just protecting his own children (he used to use child soldiers and child suicide bombers, not often, but still)?
  3. Nomrombom


    Well it's already at 2 pages, probably 3 or 4 by the end of the day, I wouldn't call that inactive. I'll post the link in the other thread
  4. I must agree that child indoctrination is immoral. I don't care what you personally believe/want to believe, but children are incredibly impressionable and teaching them that your religion is correct and others are wrong is preying on their ignorance. I don't think it should be illegal or anything, I just think it's immoral to take advantage of them at that stage. I would say that the best approach would be to teach them about all different beliefs as well as yours, and why you chose yours over others. And let them make their own decision with that information. Skeptic, I disagree that it objectively limits the kids. If the kid is smart enough to be limited by it, then he is also smart enough to wind up choosing his own beliefs at some point rather than blindly following. If the kid isn't smart enough to choose his own beliefs, then he wasn't going to be limited in the first place now, was he. But then again, this also happens with all beliefs of the parents. They teach their kids about what they think in all aspects, religion, politics, psychology. It's not limited to religion.
  5. I'm not sure if that's even possible... at least not until I'm like 60 years old lol. What do you think would cause such a thing to happen? I'd remain single, though probably. Monogamy just isn't worth it. It's worth it if you're happy with it.
  6. the first rule of seany is don't talk about seany
  7. Nomrombom


    http://news.yahoo.com/bin-laden-told-children-live-peace-west-163431838.html Today I am debating with myself how I feel about this
  8. You mean talk about the ethics of each? religious ideals - fine to have them and preach them, but not force them on others marijuana - if you think it should be illegal then you had better also think fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes should be illegal too prostitution - fine to dislike, but not to criminalize abortion - can't talk about this in one sentence polyamory - fine if you like it or don't, but it objectively should be legal cheating - i don't really care, i probably wouldn't do it. don't know how i'd feel if my partner cheated on me.
  9. Banned for being massively pedantic, not to mention wrong
  10. The wall is disgusted by your in-post sig and throws up violently 29 HP
  11. Banned for being right, it is from Wallace and Gromit and WallE was getting old Banned for not explaining your name in every post
  12. I turn the robot on the wall 33 HP
  13. I feed the dog kibbles to fuel the attack 33 HP
  14. I've seen plenty of progress pictures of victims of SS. Follow it for any good length of time and T-rex mode will happen. And assuming you are actually following SS only, you'll be doing plenty of squats and some deadlifting without a lot of upper body work. Not to mention that despite what bodybuilders may want/believe looks good, most people (especially girls) don't like T-rexes. Starting Strength is not called Starting Aesthetics for a reason. And if you're bulking (you cycle bulking and cutting, I assume you know this) then you eat a lot.
  15. Nomrombom


    Those stats boggle my mind...
  16. Nomrombom


    Thanks bro <3 Severe arachnophobia sucks when you live in a 100+ year old house.
  17. For all the stuff they have on them they might as well be. And if you have a youtube downloader, Youtube is a filesharing site.
  18. Please don't do SS. SS creates T-rexes and your goal is to look good. SS will not make you look good. 1. Fat can't be spot reduced, you must run a caloric deficit. Which just means you have to find your maintenance and eat a little under that. 2. Get a barbell. Find a push/pull routine. Good lifts in general for both health and aesthetics would be plenty of bench press, rows, deadlifts, some squats, overhead press, calf raise, shrugs. Get a pullup bar. Do pullups and chinups, preferably with progressive weights (in a backpack). You can also use the pullup bar to do hanging leg raises which are godly for abs. Abs are made in the kitchen though - you can do a thousand hanging leg raises or situps and not have a sixpack. Assuming you're looking for aesthetics, place a higher priority on lifts that target aesthetic muscles. Most likely meaning biceps (chin ups) pecs (bench press) and abs (diet, hanging leg raise). Don't neglect the others, just do less of them.
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