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Mithril Ore


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Ankous drop it.



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I think that ankous drop it more often, because of both the speed which you kill them and the abundance.



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Its a shame your not P2P anymore because warped tortoises drop mithril ores noted up to 8 a time or so! But yes, cockroachs are possible.




What did you want them for, because tbh, hunting for them for smithing etc is kind of pointless. Just make money through a different method and buy them. They are cheap :)




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I'd say roaches. I've tried both the options people have already said (for f2p of course), and the frequent drops of 3 mith ores from roaches usually outdo the not so frequent 3-11 mith ores from ankous. Roaches also give better profit in f2p :thumbsup: .

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