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Rest and Resting Spots

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The only things that I've found so far are:




F2P Resting Spots:




1. Northern Al Kharid


2. South of Varrock's SE mines


3. SW of Earth altar


4. South of Cooks' Guild


5. Outside of Lumbridge Castle


6. East of Draynor Bank


7. North of Port Sarim


8. North of Falador's north entrance


9. In front of Monastery entrance


10. Wilderness - SE of The Forgotten Cemetery


11. Wilderness - Stealing Creation area


12. Wilderness - East of Red Dragon Isle




And it takes 35 (real world) seconds to recharge running energy from 0 - 100 by the Rest function.




Please add any additional information if you have any. :thumbup: And this is my first time posting in this forum, so if there's anything wrong or needs editing, then please do not hesitate to change it.


^ Blog.


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  • [*:3a01jl52]Al Kharid
    [*:3a01jl52]Champions Guild, East of
    [*:3a01jl52]Cooks' Guild
    [*:3a01jl52]Eagles' Peak
    [*:3a01jl52]Falador, North of
    [*:3a01jl52]Falador cow pen/Farming patch
    [*:3a01jl52]Fishing Guild
    [*:3a01jl52]Golden Apple Tree, North of
    [*:3a01jl52]Isafadar, North-east of Tyras Camp
    [*:3a01jl52]Lumber Yard, South of
    [*:3a01jl52]Monastery (F2P)
    [*:3a01jl52]Mort'ton, North-west of
    [*:3a01jl52]Morytania Farming patch
    [*:3a01jl52]Port Khazard
    [*:3a01jl52]Shantay Pass
    [*:3a01jl52]Shilo Village, South-west of
    [*:3a01jl52]Sinclair Mansion, West of
    [*:3a01jl52]Tai Bwo Wannai, North of
    [*:3a01jl52]Wilderness: Red Dragon Isle
    [*:3a01jl52]Wilderness: The Forgotten Cemetary
    [*:3a01jl52]Wilderness: Stealing Creation


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Now is the rest function dependent on your agility also?


Has anyone tested that? Or is it definitely not something that affects the time?




I think Jagex indicated something like that...recharge time depending on Agility level:




4) Agility has been made more effective for improving running, as it now reduces your recharge time AND increases the distance you can run per run energy point. Agility levels 50-99 in particular have been made more useful, as previously they offered very little extra running advantage.

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