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  1. I spotted you on my viewer list *disappears into the shadows again*... Just wished to poke you for old times sake :).

  2. *hugs and runs* Psst...check my profile comments.

  3. For those who continually check back this profile - I can assure you, Tip.Iters always remain in my heart :). My RS days are pretty much finished, but I may return one day...who knows ;).

  4. is over the hill...I mean retired! Thanks for all the great memories folks :).

  5. Well its time I finally say a very hard goodbye to my RuneScape days. Between college, commitments, friends, and family I'm seeing less and less playtime. I never really pictured this day ever arriving and have been dreading it truly. While I did not get to reach my second goal of 99 smithing, I didn't need to achieve to already have a smile a mile wide. That smile doesn't come from the achievements I've accomplished...it comes from knowing that I have truly made some friends here. I really love you all...there is something about the Tip.It community that really impresses me. Always maintain the great unity that exists here and know how great a thing that is. Bye folks. P.S. I placed the names of every single person who has ever commented on my blog in a virtual magic hat and raffled off my four remaining 3 Month RuneScape membership cards as a goodbye present. Enjoy :^_^:. Congratulations to the following people... Morningrise333 bluehooloovo Jyreeil troacctid I LOVE YOU ALL!
  6. Sadly in the midst of getting ready for the 4th of July weekend, something very hard hit my heart. Today I had to say goodbye to my dog Skippy. I adopted Skippy along with my cat Tiger Lilly several years ago from my neighbor. Skippy was older than Lilly, but he was the biggest kid you would have ever met. When I first adopted him, he use to take running leaps toward me and had a million dollar smile. Over the years as he aged, it got tougher for him to run up to me, but he never lost his trademark smile and the little wag in his tail. This year had been his most difficult but you wouldn't know it. Till today he was at my feet, licking my fingers and grinning with all the cheer he could muster. He had been very ill this week and there was no way we could hold off a visit to the vet until after the 4th. We took him in and got the news we did not want to hear. They asked us if we wanted to stay. We did. I stood there. My heart sank. It got me thinking. Everyone in this world deserves the comfort of having someone there. I do not surround myself with fake friends. The number of true friends I have, I can count on one hand. But you do not know how blessed I feel to have them. Please I urge those of you reading this blog now, go pick up the phone and call that friend of yours that you haven't talked to for 5 years, sit down and have a dinner with your mom and dad, or go up to that special someone you have feelings for and admit your love to them. This is what really matters at the end of the day. R.I.P. Skippy
  7. A big congratulations to good old TIP DOT IT :thumbsup:! Hmmm I think this video sums up what I'm doing right now:
  8. I can certainly say that I am truly Lady Happiness today! After a bit of an agonizing wait, I have made it to level 97 smithing. My body is shaking at the thought that I am only 2 steps away from finishing this journey. I will become a real dwarf of RuneScape by possessing one of the sweetest duo 99s. Unfortunately I'm not sure I can enlist with the other dwarfs at the Mining Guild due to a certain height requirement. All jokes aside, I am enthralled in this moment! Every level up feels like its own mini-99 to me. I get the same feeling of excitement, accomplishment, and ecstasy. I really am lucky to have so many supporters that have constantly nudged me along on this journey. Thanks a million folks <3:... [hide=Level 97 screenshot][/hide] In non-smithing news, I have a grand total of 120k gold bars and have gained 24 million mining xp. Another sweet thing that has happened to come my way, is the fact I have been deemed a champion of the Judges faction in the RuneScape Triumvirate :shock:. Its been really fun working with Tip.Iters and non-Tip.Iters alike, and the challenges have been a blast! Well thats pretty much the gist of all the happy coincidences in the life of ol' Lady S. See you all around :D!
  9. Alright then...HELLO :D!

  10. I also was hoping for the Mummy costume...I stock up on weird items of clothing for videos. Bone Brooch is nice in theory but for those who don't have the easter ring there's always the ring of stone. Why bother adding on yet another one of those then? After all I'd take being a rock or an egg any day over being a pile of bones :P. As far as the pets, its pretty much the same argument from me. We've been loaded with holiday pets, and as cute as they are, the concept is starting to feel a bit tired. I'm also pretty sure if a pet won we'd have lag spikes like no tomorrow :lol:!
  11. Thanks for loyally keeping up with this Den :thumbup:.
  12. Well folks lately Lady S has given her faithful pickaxe a rest and done something highly unlike her...she engaged in bloody combat for the Triumvirate wars :shock:. This massive community event has become incredibly enthralling. I have really enjoyed the indepth Roleplaying that has spawned from it. Though I'm a little disappointed with the lack of skilling challenges, I have actually found the Realm vs. Realm (a world wide massive PVP event) and the Castle Wars challenges to be...FUN. I was requested twice to serve as a commander or second commander for these events and have managed to be on the winning side both those times :eek: . I did serve on a team that lost, but it was a commendable tie. Still though, how does a little combat noob, who'd rather solve her problems by whacking it with a pickaxe than lead a squadron, manage to prevail?! Someone please explain to me. We've had some epic matchups so far and the Judges (my team) ended up taking home the gold for the Realm vs. Realm challenge. Castle Wars has been more of a rough going but I'm proud to say as the assumed "combat underdogs" the Judges have taken two victories. Anyways didn't mean to bore you non-Triumvirate folks with this entry its just lately this has been whats engaging the little play time I've been scrounging up as of late. Oh and before I go...I found doing the following in CW to be incredibly amusing :twisted: : Looks like hitting things with a pickaxe is quite a viable option!
  13. Lady_Shahdie

    99 Mining

    Step forth into the realm of mining masters my friend ^_^.
  14. None are safe, I will corrupt each and every one of you :twisted:...THE DAWN OF THE MINING ERA HAS COME!
  15. I wonder what that could be :twss:...I feel like a kid at Christmas. Now to see if my hopes will be cruelly dashed! Meh, I will probably still be happy nevertheless :P.
  16. Guess they don't call you Lady Heinous for nothing :P...JUST KIDDING!!! *glomps*
  17. Think she slipped some Benjamins to the folks at Random.org :P?
  18. What a charmed life I lead folks. This week I aced 2 exams, amassed over 100k gold bars, leveled to 96 smithing, got featured on the official RuneScape Youtube channel, and now to top it off I get to make the day of 2 very lucky people :D! So without further adieu the winners are Yes congratulations to darkdwarfiv, Laikrob, and OH MY GOD...Laikrob again :shock:. Thats what I call lucky! Be sure to check your Tip.It inbox for your card codes and let me know how everything goes ;). I really hope you all enjoyed this contest as much as I did. I would like to take this time however to remind you to reach into your heart and give back to some very worthwhile organizations. As a big Celebrity Apprentice fan, I can advocate for the organizations listed here. Be sure to Google them and if you have the monetary means, give what you can. I wish you all a nice Spring and fantastic Summer ahead. See you around!
  19. Disney would probably not want to advertise Runescape because it has drinking and killing in it, and you know how good and wholesome Disney has been since its National Socialist years. ;) Ahem...bar scene from Beauty and the Beast...a lyric from which said quite blatantly "no one drinks like gaston!" And killing? Errr more than 90% of Disney movies depict killing. The prince slaying a dragon in Sleeping Beauty, Hercules slaying the Hydra, Scar getting devoured by Hyenas, Clayton accidentally hanging himself while fighting Tarzan...the list goes on and on. So it would be hypocritical if Disney would not do so on the claims of taking the higher moral ground :P.
  20. This portion truly excited me the most. As fun as it is to escape from typical RuneScape and wreck havoc down in Daemonheim, I was really hoping this skill would have surface world application. While this isn't exactly what I pictured it certainly would be helpful nevertheless. I can only pray that there would be a secret dungeon with a new rune respawn :pray:. I would gladly level my dungeoneering much more adamantly if this will be the case. That being said, they better make the reqs on the steeper side if a miner like myself or any other skiller could truly benefit from less competition.
  21. [hide=Confirmation Acquired That Sword Does Not Store...Thanks Archa Jake]Anyone by chance know if the armour sets can be stored in the armoury with the decorative sword?[/hide]
  22. Yay I missed all the awesome thumbups and thumbdowns of yours. You're back in business m'boy :thumbsup:. Last time you thumbdowned it was only one not so epic one.
  23. Sign me up for the Staff Drawing! Posted on behalf of Cowman_133.
  24. Talk with imaginary ones :S?

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