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Farming Question


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I always wonder while farming if watering the plots actual contributes to it.


I've harvested pretty much the same and lost the same amount weather i watered or not.


Granted I always use supercompost for few more exp. But I haven't seen/heard of anyone discussing this topic.


(I live in farming area) I know crops are SUPPOSE to need water, sun and nutrients (compost) to grow well, but rs isnt the real world.


Anyone have any definite answers?

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I'm fair certain that watering the plant reduces the chance of the plant getting diseased (and therefore dying if untreated) when ticking over to the next growth cycle.




But I'm not 100% sure. :oops:


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Cool. But does it help the yeild at all? :pray:


Most of what i lose is herbs, not flowers/veg :o


Supercompost guarantees a minimum harvest of five herbs--should the herb plant survive; I don't believe it guarantees any specific number for allotment harvests. Watering plants, however, does not affect the potential yield.

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i am pretty sure that it does not help the yeild, just the chance of getting a disease or not. do it anyway :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



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(super)compost: increases yield, decreases chance of disease all thorough the grow time.


water: decreases chance of disease for the time "tick" you are in. For the effect to last, you'd have to water them every "tick".




magic secateurs: increase crop yield when wielded on harvest.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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