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IE8 and Java? Am I doing something wrong?


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(besides having IE8)...




So I updated the browser on my XP laptop to IE8 (from IE7 I believe). Being particularly bored, after disabling anything that said Microsoft on it (besides the browser itself) I attempted to play RuneScape. The applet wouldn't load at all, it showed a black screen with the timer mouse icon. I did not disable any 'add-ons' labelled Sun Microsystems or Java. Also when I attempted to refresh the page by pressing F5 or close the window it froze up on me.




Is there something I need to do to get it to load Java? It's a Dell Inspiron laptop running WinXP SP3 (and it's fully updated with all of the 'important' updates as said by MS)

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Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Make sure Java is enabled




if that doesn't work, just set all defaults.




If that doesn't work, just use Firefox, its a much nicer browser.


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Don't mess with settings in IE if you don't know what you're doing. Try resetting IE to all default settings, if that doesn't work, reinstall Java (latest version), and if that doesn't work, reinstall IE8 also. You SHOULD be working by then... if you aren't then come back and we will take further actions to remedy your issue.

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Now my dad's really mad at me because I did it without his permission (I asked my mom because he was gone)... And my brother got inanely mad because he couldn't play RS (even though it's never worked properly on that comp) so my dad said he's going to uninstall it (which I don't think you can do)




Anyway, going to attempt to explain that it's probably Java's fault. If I don't return I have probably been grounded for life for appearing slightly knowledgable.




And tomorrow I am dling portable ff, I honestly don't care anymore.

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