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Brawler questions


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so i got wc brawlers yesterday,




For the fastest xp should i cut yew or magic trees? im 80 wc, im not gonna bank the logs, too much trouble for too little cash.




furthermore i also got mining/agility/smith




does anyone know for how many uses they last?




And if smithing goes per product or bars?

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I think Oak trees in lvl 1 Wildy is your best option. If you get yourself skulled while using a D Hatcher you would be able to gain EP while doing this too.



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There is a Magic Tree in the Wilderness near Dareeyak(sp.) Teleport. You can then bank at old BH.



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You may thing the mage tree is better, but it isn't. The oak tree cuts so much faster, yes you will use the glvoes quicker, but you would get far more exp using the brawlers on the oak tree, then cutting willows, than cutting the mage tree for all the brawlers. If its fast exp and not the mage logs you want, definately go with the oak tree.

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