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New Guilds and Reformation


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I posted this idea last Summer and I think now would be a good time to raise the ol' gal. This update of my previous post has been refined and more thought out than before \' and I really hope you guys like it




The current 'guilds' existing in Runescape include: Cooking, Mining, Prayer, Runecrafting, Range, Crafting, Magic, Warrior, and Three Quest Guilds. I have some new ideas that I hope will give a new importance to guilds in Runescape, by developing some new guilds, small changes to the old ones and new Player Guilds






[hide=Change Guild Requirements]I consider a guild (in Runescape) to be a place and collection of players who are journeymen (lvl 50+) in a particular skill. So I feel that all guild entrace levels should be raised to level 50 (unless already above 50). I understand that will conflict with quests like scorpion catcher and Achievement Diaries which is the flaw in my idea. The main obvious purpose of raising the guild entrace requirements is to thin out guild, so 'only those deserving to enter... will'




The second guild requirement I would consider changing but I am on the fence about, is uniform (Brown Apron (sp?) and chef's hat. Considering very few guilds actually require these, I would debate their necessity[/hide]




New Guilds


[hide=Thieves Guild]Requirement: 60 Thieving


Location: In a secret base underneath Arodounge


Contents: -Theiving shop (lockpicks, thief clothing, etc)


-Underground tunnels to Rat catchers, Pyramid Plunder and Rogues Den


-Minigame: where you are paid to steal items from other players (safe minigame)[/hide]




[hide=Agility Citadel]Requirement: 60 Agility


Location: Near Digsite (60 agility req to dodge traps and enter)


Contents: -Store, sells toadflax, xp, and agility equipment for tokens)


-Teleport chamber (which will focus on one agility course daily, than change)


Minigame: relay races, olympic games etc (need ideas)


-Bank chest[/hide]




[hide=Hanging Gardens]Requirements: 50 Farming, 50 Herblore


Location: Taverly


Contents: Store, sells compost, seeds, super compost potions, tools etc


-Disease free patches that require +10 levels to plant to plant something in that field


-Herb examiner (for a fee)




-Windmill, range, sink




-Weather Altar (if prayed at, rainy clouds will water some of your crops (no xp)


-Normal farm patches[/hide]




[hide=Summoning Circle]Location: Hazelmere


Requirements: 50 Hunter, 50 Summoning, Wolf Whistle Quest (guarded by level 20 spirit wolves, that are agressive, unless you can enter ::' )


Contents: -Bank


-Pet shop, summoning materials, hunting equipment


-Pouch exchange for shards (60% return) (must be 10 levels above pouch requirement


-Summoning Obelisks:


Feral Obelisk Familars created here are stronger in combat and have a longer lifespan


Instable Obelisk Familars created here have shorter lifespans but cost slightly less spirit shards


Power Obelisk If familar scrolls are produced here, each pouch will produce 20 scrolls (no extra xp though)


-Teleport chamber to hunting regions (costs tokens)


-Minigame: fammilar warfare, where players familars can fight, or teams can fight enemy waves of monsters.[/hide]




[hide=Forester Guild]Location: North of Mcgrubbers wood or Varrock (to be decided)


Requirements: 60 Woodcut, 50 Firemaking, 50 Fletching, All fired up Quest


Contents: -A Small forestgrowing flax and trees from oak, willow, maple, yew and 3 magic trees


-Firemaking minigame (still to be decided)


-Shop, sells bronze-rune hatchets, firestarters, tinderboxes, bowstrings, arrowshafts


-Spinning wheel


-Deposit box[/hide]






[hide=Player Guilds]Requirement: 60 Construction, 10,000gp for a liscence, and any other additional skill requirements they set for the guild




-Player Guilds will allow players to set their own standards for entrance, and who can actually enter! whether they wish to keep the guild friend-friend or open is their choice


(guild requirements cannot go beyond the skills of the guildmaster)


-Guild may be used for anything from Clan Wars to Skilling


-Player guild hall will be located at a house portal other than their POH, players can only make or be in one guild at a time.


-Players that are part of a guild will have their Home teleport changed from Lumbridge to the guild HQ, since the guild is their new home.


-Player guilds make it possible to keep stable businesses' and clans in Runescape


-Player guilds build friendship, teamwork and fun team effort :thumbsup:[/hide]




[hide=New Construction ideas for Player Guilds]In addition to players being able to decide the dimensions, surfaces and furniture in their guild like a POH, players may also choose new rooms to have built like: Great Halls, and Dormatories as well as most of the traditional constuctable rooms.




In regards to companies (mining, gems, seeds etc.) a guildmaster (now a Tycoon) will be able to consruct guild coffers. in the coffers the Tycoon will deposit an ammount of money equal to a contract ammount of a particular resource. guild members will be able to deposit the resource and be immdeiatly exchanged for gold. the guildmaster may set his offer to buy the resource at +-8% of its standard market value (If coal is worth 160 he may buy for 148-173) and bonus's may be provided for bulk deposits. Selling for less might seem like your loosing money, but remember the trade is immediate and you may recieve bonus' which could level things out






for example: I want 20,000 coal so I deposit 4 million gp into the guild coffers offering to buy Coal for 150 each and offer a 10,000gp bonus for every 1000 deposited (for that specific contract). :arrow: I am not sure if this breaks any trade barriers or rules in game, if it does please tell me[/hide]








-I will be continually updating this post over time, unfortunatly I have suddenly run out of time and I will finish this completly soon


-In the future I will refer to player owned guilds as POG'S


-Any reasonable advice, support, or ideas for the guilds would be greatly appreciated! :D


-Any person able to create support banners or artwork would also be greatly appreciated! ::'



only 2 skills below level 50 :)

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Great Idea! :thumbsup:




Strange that I can't enter any guilds except the cooking guild. Not enough motivation, probably. Though I'm trying to get into the crafting and runecrafting (and mining) guilds... ::'




Full support.

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I support




I think all skills needs to have guilds and yes i do think all guilds need to have a lvl 50+ requirement.




I personally would like to see a firemaking guild be course i think that that the firemaking skill need a redesign to make it a better and more fun skill to train. ( and no i don't want them to make the skill easer to train. )




Ps: FTW firemaking guild \'

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I don't like having the guild requirements raised. I remember when I was new and it was my goal to get into as many guilds as I could. Having the requirements raised would make the goal seem to far away to new players who don't know much about the game. Low-level guilds don't have much that high level players need any way so let the low levels have their fun.




I like some of your ideas about new guilds though. It would be hard to do Olympic Races and such without adding a new feature in a game that is based on luck, but could be possible. I feel the herb examiner and pouch trader in the summoning guild are useless except if the pouch trader gave the same amount back as Bogrog.




Player guilds would be fun but I would like the option to choose between our regular home teleport location or the guild HQ.

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