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come one people help yourself a little


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I'm getting so fed up with people being to lazy to help themselves. today i had a low-mid level player running around asking where the crafting guild was. ITS NOT EXACTLY A SECRET its on the in-game map ( but i gave them directions anyway...they said they just wanted to follow me there and could they also have 24k!! :o ).


Now I dont mind when people ask questions I'm usually happy to help, but after awhile you start to see the same goofballs running around clueless all the time whinning "what lvl do i need for this?" , "where do I go to find that?" ,"how do I do ---- quest?" what do they want, I cant reach through the screen and play the game for them. Just take a second open another search window and just type "runescape guide", the top four links will tell you everything you need to know, without "spoiling the game". when I first started play RS I read everything I could find about the game so I wouldn't look like a donkey's rear.

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Very true.




I hate beggars the most of all people. They're idiots who are [developmentally delayed]. I mean if they SPEND SOME FREAKING TIME training their stupid skills up a bit so they can earn some money from it, they'll earn FAR more money than walking around trying to gain sympathy from people.

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agreed, beggars annoy me.




It really isn't that hard to understand a game and learn from your mistakes. Honestly, even when i first started and had no clue and died to lvl 3 men in lumbridge, i still didn't beg for help. If people suggested things i should do, like certain quests that would give me such and such stuff, then i'd go and do the quest. To be honest, i didn't even realise about food until the dracula quest in free to play.




Learning is not a difficult task.


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In three years time that newb will be making a thread here ranting about how noobs can never do anything for themselves.


Now this REALLY made me laugh. Anyway, I certainly agree. I've actually been offered a hundred thousand gp for helping a person find their way to the Trollehim Hunter area. (Not that I got the 100k.) Then the same guy asked for directions to the Craftin Guild, offering to pay me 50k. He wouldn't even open the worl map after I told him it could show him how to get there alot better than I could explain it. I'm a level 74 player, and I have a friend who is higher than me by 50 levels or so, who I know IRL. Now, even when I was a newb, I didn't beg, but she still gave me things I needed. In fact. I recall her giving me full rune when I was level 60. These kinds of people are the ones we need, not beggars.


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Some guy was wearing full rune at bloodvelds, which use a magic attack. I told him he should wear dhides, but he adamantly insisted that only the bloodvelds "inside the room" (this was at slayer tower btw) used magic. Just leave them to fail tbh.

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