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  1. CoD4 and WaW had betas. Probably part of the reason why the series has gone to hell since those 2 games.
  2. Really just can't be bothered anymore, if they actually fix all the stupid things they added after CoD4 maybe I'll get this after launch but I'm not dropping £45 for another [cabbage]ty money grab designed to appeal to the majority of the "CoD community", AKA unskilled children. I haven't followed this game since I heard about the whole Elite thing, is there even a beta?
  3. Sad that CoD4 has been hacked to the level of unplayability and this sorry POS is the only CoD playable right now. And I still won't play it.
  4. I thought it was pretty good but story wise I preferred the first 2. I dislike the fact that you can be downed on singleplayer, the AI is frustrating in getting you back up and I thought there was no reason to depart from just dying like in the first 2. Also disliked the way you're always in a group of at least 4, I can see it was necessary to get 4 player co-op but I liked the parts in the first 2 games where you went off with Dom, and kills seemed less satisfying when you were essentially helped out by 3-4 other guys. Not a bad end to the series though.
  5. CoD1 and UO were my first, didn't get CoD2 for some reason, got Big Red One and CoD3 on PS2. Then got CoD4, WaW, MW2, BO. Honestly how "old school" you are means nothing, apart from indicating you should be better, if you've been playing since CoD4 and still struggle to get a positive K/D then you're obviously just crap at the game. The series peaked with CoD4 however, which is why its kind of important to have played that because thats what everyone compares the newest release with. If for example you're arguing that BO is good on the basis of it being better than MW2 then you fail.
  6. TheValeyard

    E3 2011

    I wouldn't piss on the Wii 2.
  7. Pikeyed DoW Soulstorm from a friends steam account. Its pretty fun LAN but Necrons seem massively overpowered and the infiltration mechanic is incredibly annoying.
  8. I'll get it if they change the [developmentally delayed]ed spawn system, I remember getting so sick of one guy sneaking behind the base and then having his 3 friends spawn on him. That and the fact that the unlock system effectively bent new players over and raped them in the ass.
  9. I'm for this. But that doesn't make these threads any less hilarious, though I think this one has run its course even for that. I'm also for this, but there's no hope for a civil COD discussion with the same trolls lurking about. How about if some old trolls return?
  10. I've not played since January, has this game gone completely to hell online like MW2 did as people find whats cheap and easy?
  11. Lol. Really putting together a dream team there then. Well kd means nothing because i snipe alot which pulls my kd down to 1.46 but in every game i dont use sniper i get atleast 1.75kd+ Again lol
  12. Lol. Really putting together a dream team there then.
  13. With 10 months to go till the next CoD is released hes not going to be in any kind of beta. Whilst I've not heard of it before it wouldn't surprise me if hackers had found a way of changing the currently playing text. So unless this kids dad is Bobby Kotick or something he or somebody else has probably just messed around with the text showing what hes playing. But if you say you know this kid IRL go and ask him about it.
  14. I haven't spent enough time with Black Ops, but I understand Hardline Pro swaps the rewards or something which does sound pretty [bleep]ed up.
  15. WaW tanks not strong? Every time I got in one of those things it was gauranteed dogs.
  16. I've never used the RC car, not because its "selfish" or whatever but because its not worth leaving you vulnerable while you control it, 90% of the time you'll only get 1 kill with it and sometimes you won't even get that. I actually really like the balance of the killstreaks in Black Ops, apart from care packages and the RC Car. Care packages because they're just obviously [cabbage], but mainly because you can get the gunship and chopper gunner out of them, I don't mind the fact that they're strong when they're achieved legitimately but its complete [cabbage] to have your team get ripped apart by a chopper just because some 12 year old got a lucky care package. On Black Ops I run Spy Plane - Napalm Strike - Mortars, seen as killstreaks don't add to streaks I'd rather play it safe with the lower ones until I reach the sort of zen like mastery of the game I enjoy in CoD4.
  17. Red Steel 1 was an awful mess. In all honesty just buy party games because thats all its good for, though Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is definately worth buying.
  18. The topics used to be a lot funnier when there were Wii kids raging.
  19. Friend gave me Dark Crusade on a memory stick, its pretty good. Seems with every new DoW expansion they rebalance everything, e.g. now Terminators, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds are limited to one. This whole attacking whilst infiltrated thing is stupid as well.
  20. It seemed really bad when we were screwing around in splitscreen. ACOG Python takes the biscuit for crapness though.
  21. Anyone have/played The Beatles Rock Band? Is it any good? Also does anybody know if the boxed set with the instruments is any good?
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