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Wcing in hotzone


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try edgeville wild. it has some oak trees in like 2-3 wild. and its a hotspot.






[spoiler=99's]99 strength achieved 5/27/09.

99 hitpoints achieved 9/30/09.(59,643)

99 attack achieved 11/08/09. (77,453)

99 defence achieved 1/31/10. (63,382)

99 range achieved ( sometime ago )




x15 whips

x53 d boots

x3 visages

x88 g mauls


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The best Tree I've found for building up EP is the Yew south of Varrock - still in hotzone.




Its also surrounded by Oaks & Willows further south.




Not too many Pj'ers come here (at the moment!!!)



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