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Oak larders until Oak dungeon doors then them to 99.

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for that it is best to have your house in yanille and just run... another option is to get a butler.... still another is to get a ton of house tele runes/tabs. the first is slowest followed by the teles. by far the fastest is the butler/servant




cant use bob for con for the most part, atleast for the majority of con, ie. when u are in building mode, the only time you can use a BoB and to be honest it is not helpful is when you are working at your workbench.




a butler/servant is better




in other words the answer to both your question is get a butler/highest servant that you can.






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You'll need noted oak planks, lots of money to pay your butler, a saw, and stealing creation hammers. They cut the cost of 99 Construction in half.






Have your butler unnote the planks, and build larders until 77, when you can start building oak dungeon doors.


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I will tell you my method, wich has focus on being fast without breaking the bank. I use a demon buttler to get my oak planks, possibly because int eh great scheme of things, 10 per 7 loads is nothing. A buttler is more cost effective though. I also buy my planks because its not much mroe expensive and its at least 20x faster. But, running and making your own planks would save money. I make my cost savings by using SC hammers to double my xp. It might even be slower, because the hammer degrade pretty fast, but at half the regular cost I can definatly afford my buttler and GE planks and still be cheeper than not using hammer and doing everything myself.




To be cheep:


You MUST use an SC hammer. Cuts costs in half.




To be Fast without spending to much extra:


Use a butler or demon butler.


Buy Oak planks from GE.




To be fast and break the bank:


Buy mahogany logs.

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