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Boxtrap Bombing :D

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Description:Everyone know the cabbage bombing hosted by the ooc. But now we have a new item to bomb; Boxtraps!


As you may know, after you set a boxtrap up, it collapse after a certain time. This will make the boxtrap 'drop' on the ground; eventually they will appear to other players!




The key is that everyone set up their traps at the same time, this will make them collapse around the same time and of course they will appear to other players at the same time too :D




Basically, one set of traps is worth 2 bombs: The first one being set up, and the second one being on the ground.


When your traps collapse, you can also set up new traps, while leaving the others on the ground! This way we'll have continuous bombing!




To sum it up:


1. Set up traps ( First bomb)


2. Wait till they collapse, then set up new traps (Second bomb)


3. Traps start to appear (Third bomb)


4. Traps start to collapse, set up new (Fourth Bomb)


5. Traps start to appear (Fifth Bomb)


6. and so on..




Date: Coming soon..


Time: Coming soon..


World: W99


Location: Post what you want to bomb! Will it be ardougne? Or maybe Yanille? You decide!


We are gonna bomb 3 locations, so feel free to vote for your 3 favorites!


Requirements: 27+ Hunter












RSN: Xecer or Echevaria


Contact info: Feel free to pm me ingame, post here, or send me a pm!

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