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Xecer's First Guide - Chompy Bird hunting


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I will only write about Chompy birds, because Jubbly birds aren't worth it.


Aaah.. Chompy Bird hunting, the beautiful hobby of the civilized ogres. What used to be cruel hunting for food evolved into a real sport with ranks, matching hats and even his own jargon! The jargon is a bit undeveloped..




but without it, Chompy Bird hunting shouldn't be in existence!




You might be tempted to participate in this sport, but you can't just walk into the hills and hunt some of the precious birds... No, you need to earn the right to be allowed to hunt! It's an exclusive sport indeed..




The quest


To earn that right you first need to do a quest: 'Big Chompy Bird Hunting'.


You can either do the quest without a guide (and be a true Chompy Bird hunter) or do it with the excellent guide located on the main site of tip.it!


After doing this rather fun quest you have the privilege to hunt the birds!




You might also want to do the quest: 'Zogre Flesh Eaters'. You can make a very special bow for Chompy Bird Hunting after it! Tip.it has a guide about this quest on the main site!




The equipment


Now that you can hunt the birds, you'll need some equipment!


This is the recommended equipment:






Head slot: Your best Chompy Bird hat!


Amulet slot:Amulet of glory or just one that matches your outfit.


Body & Legs slot: Your best range armour, *Note* You shouldn't use karil's armour, because it degrades *Note*


Boots slot: I prefer using boots of lightness, since they lower your weight.


Gloves slot: You should use your best gloves, if you don't have recipe for disaster gloves, use penance gloves or vambraces.


Bow slot: I really recommend using a composite ogre bow over a normal ogre bow, since it is fast and strong. You need to do 'Zogre Flesh Eaters' to be able to use it though. More info on Bow Section.


Cape slot: I *really* recommend getting an Ava's Accumulator (or Ava's Attractor), it takes your arrows from the ground for you. This will really help you to reduce clicking. You can get one from the quest: 'Animal Magnetism' (guide)


Arrow slot: See arrows section.


Ring slot: Ring of dueling, this will help you bank fast if you want to.


Inventory: You should get at least 16 bellows, a Feather spot and a Iron/Steel arrow spot (only when you use Ava's Attractor/Accumulator). To get more bellows than just one, see the Bellows section.


Update: Full void would be ideal to use because it generates more 1 hits!








After doing the quest 'Zogre Flesh Eaters', you can choose between 2 bows (only these 2 can actually hit the birds) : The ogre bow or the Composite Ogre bow.




The Ogre bow: While doing the quest 'Big Chompy Bird Hunting' Rantz will give you this bow:




This very large bow can shoot pretty far, but it is slow and you can't use Brutal arrows with it!


If you lose this bow, you can buy another one from Rants for about 540 gp.




The Composite Ogre bow:


To obtain this bow you'll need to fletch it (30 Fletching required): You need one set of Wolf bones, an achey log, a bowstring and a knife. Use the knife on the achey log while having the bones in your inventory, attach your bowstring to finish it. *Note* You'll need to have completed 'Zogre Flesh Eaters' to be able to make and use this bow. *Note*




This bow is a lot faster then his larger brother, but can shoot less far. You can also shoot Brutal arrows with this bow!






You have, same as with bows, 2 types of arrows: Regular ogre arrows and Brutal arrows. You can use both types to hunt Chompy birds with. To make them:


Ogre arrows: To make one arrow, you need to have 1 achey log, 4 feathers, 1 set of wolf bones, a chisel and a knife.


1. First use the knife on the log to get 2-6 arrow shafts.


2. Add 4 feathers to one shaft, this will give you 1 flighted arrow shaft.


3. Use your chisel on the bones to get 2-6 wolfbone arrowtips.


4. Finally add one arrowtip to the arrow shaft to finish your arrow.


You will need 5 fletching to make these arrows.


Brutal arrows: To make one arrow, do steps 1 and 2 of the regular arrows. Instead of using wolfbone arrowtips you'll be using nails, simply hammer the nails into the shafts with a hammer to finish the brutal arrows.


Since there are different kinds of nails, the fletching level needed will be different with other kinds of nails. *Note* You need to have finished 'Zogre Flesh Eaters' to make these arrows. *Note*





To get more then one pair of bellows, you need to do the following:


Head back to Rantz's Cave and go to the locked chest:






Drop your bellows on the ground and open the chest to find a new one, then drop that one too and get another. Repeat till you get 22 of them.




Be aware that your bellows can disappear, pick them all up after getting 10 and then drop them again to evade that.






If you are aiming for the 'Expert Dragon Archer'-hat, then you might want to read the next part!




To effectively hunt the birds, you should have the following:


1. Patience


2. Patience


3. Patience


4. At least 2k Brutal/Ogre arrows




After you got those things head out to the Chompy Bird hunter spot:










This spot seems the best to me: A lot of frogs, no wolves, enough place to put your bloated frogs and a teak tree nearby with woodcutters (so you won't be lonely all the time).




Now, lets get started!




Method 1




1. Fill all your bellows with swamp gas.


2. Use your bellows on the frogs and drop them right after they appear in you inventory.


3. Try and get as much bloated frogs on the ground as you can before the birds start to appear.


4. Update: Try and kill the birds before they reach the food, otherwise you can't shoot them for like 2 seconds. When they are dead, just leave them and drop some more swamp toads.


5. When your bellows are empty, repeat.


With these steps I can get 180 kills an hour!


In action:






Update: Method 2




This method is slower, but will give you quite a lot of profit in the process. With this method you are better off with less bellows than in method 1; you need the space for your Chompy bird meat! Take about 3-4 bellows and you will be fine.




1. Fill the bellows with swamp gas.


2. Use your bellows on the frogs and drop them right after they appear in your inventory.


3. Try and get as much bloated frogs on the ground as you can before the birds start to appear.


4. Try and kill the birds before they reach the food, otherwise you can't shoot them for like 2 seconds. When they are dead, pluck the bird and collect the meat.


5. Once you have a full inventory, head back to Castle Wars using a Ring of Dueling and bank your meat. If you do this fast enough, you may run into a Chompy bird when you get back! (Provided you left a bloated toad behind).


Side note: You may want to use a Beast of Burden to boost your kills per hour!




Why is this profitable?




Chompy bird meat is an ingredient of the infamous wild pie, people use this pie to boost their slayer. Since this can allow you to kill abyssal demons or spiritual mages, this pie is in high demand. Thus Chompy bird meat is in high demand.




The current price of Chompy bird meat is: 2287 gp


Achieving the Expert Dragon archer hat with banking the meats will get you: 4000*2287= 9.148m




On estimate you kill about 90 Chompy birds per hour with this method, which is a good 205k per hour!







The Rewards! That's what its all about!


Chompy Bird hunting doesn't give you good range experience and will make you very tired if you do it too much. But, it will give you nifty hats, which don't give any bonusses, while you proceed in ranks!


To check your rank/kills, all you have to do is to un-equip your bow and check it by clicking on it with your right mouse button.


You have 6 different colors with each color having 3 different 'sized' hats: 1-feathered, 3-feathered or for the higher ranks 5-feathered hats.




You will be able to get your first hat at 30 kills. It will be a Greyish 1 feathered hat.


You will continue with a Greenish 1-feathered hat at 40 kills.


A Red one at 50 kills.


A Black one at 70 kills.


A Cyan one at 95 kills.


And finally a Golden one at 125 kills.




I will now continue with the 3-feathered hats.


170 kills will give you a Grey one.


225 kills will give you a Green one.


300 kills will give you a Red one.


400 kills will give you a Black one.


The second Blue one at 550 kills.


And the last 3-feathered hat will be Gold at 700 kills.




Now we have arrived at the nifty hats: the 5-feathered hats.


1000 kills will earn you a Grey one.


1300 kills will earn you a Green one.


1700 kills will earn you a headache and a Red one.


2250 kills will earn you a Black one and you will feel depressed that you are only halfway there.


3000 kills will get you pain in your toes and a Cyan one.


And finally 4000 kills will get you: 1 Golden 5-feathered hat, 30k range experience (+ about 160k experience from killing the


birds) and a reason to give a party :D




We looks like a good-un wiv da laydies!



I got my 4k kills! Thank you so much for the guide Xecer, I couldn't have done this without your guide. I'll post the pics tomorrow. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D> :thumbsup: \:D/


Congrats on the AOW Xecer.


Thanks for the guide man, couldn't have done this without it :thumbsup:


Got this today: ::'




Telfani and I both got it together \:D/






Thanks everyone for coming!




Mungo got the chompy meat. I was trying to get it off of a Jubbly but it never came and I ran out of Frog Balloons :(









Thanks to the pmg-team for making this AoW.


Thanks to Jagex for making this minigame.


Thanks to Erichermit for the "no-plucking" - update.




And thank you for reading my guide and comments will be appreciated :D!

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Wow, you must have spent ages getting 4k kills!


Just wondering, are ogre bows the only ones that can hit chompies? And another slightly pointless one, do jubbly birds from Saving Scrach Uglogwee count towards the number of kills? And how do you check your kill count?



I need a new siggy, get round to doing it later.



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:o .This is a very original guide. It also has the content and personality to match. I'm suprised you haven't made more guides. So far looking good :P. I can't think of anything to add, maybe links to the quest guides or something?. Very orginal, Straight to the point and very good spelling/grammar. 9.9/10 =D>Great job!

360 GT: hotdogstandyeah

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do i see stein there in the party? with the craft cape?




nice guide! \'


wish i had that patience.. :P i like your hat btw :) looks hawt




Yes, that's me <3:




Awesome guide by the way, I might go kill some later tonight :)



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