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  1. On some of my accounts, I ignore prayer and defence.
  2. The bonehead move was you posting. Oh take a joke. I mean seriously, there is almost no point to clans anymore. Anything can be borrowed, anything can be assisted, heck you even have your own familiar to do stuff for you, there are minigames to do things with other people. Clans are just a place for a bunch of people to get together to either a) play the game with other people because they can't enjoy it by themselves, in which case they really should just hang out with other people or B) complain about the game. :geek: Your an absolute [wagon]e to be [bleep]ing honest. It's obvious you've never been in a proper pking clan (pure or main) if you made an ignorant post like that. Your first paragraph speaks about skilling clans when this thread is obviously about PKING clans. Theres worlds of difference between the two. Maybe you should take your ill informed posts out of a thread about PvP until you've actually experienced it. I can't believe most of the posts on this thread, its clear Tip.it has a majority of members who have never experienced proper PvP and are just guessing their ideas about it. And crying about a homeworld being taken away? Please if my 'homeworld' was taken away I'd just move on....far out [kitties] much?
  3. What bout sprinting? My best mate won Australian nationals when he was 14 (racing other 14 year olds of course, not talking opens) in 100M but idk what his time was, I'll ask when I see him tonight (nohomo)
  4. I basically procrastinated my whole 2 years of senior every term after the holidays finished I'd tell myself I'd start assignments on time yet when the last few days came I'd ALWAYS (yes always) have to rush to do them. Just couldn't be bothered with the stuff I didn't like to do, yet I'd always do my graphics assignments on time because I liked it.
  5. My working day. Brekky: 2 Weetbix Smoko: 2 Slices of wholemeal bread, banana and bout 30 grapes. Lunch: Meal (could be unhealthy like pie, or healthy like idk....something healthy :P) Apple, mandarine, and a snack (shapes or something, small packet) Dinner: Whatever mum cooks :P Usually healthy as she is a healthy person buttttt on occasions something like pizza :P
  6. I'm left handed and people always said I was very smart and logical, but my dads even smarter and like...logicial than me and hes right handed so looks like I got it from him, and has nothing to do with handedness.
  7. lv3god


    Hrmm when I went to school there wasn't really bullying in senior, most were too mature, and any 'bullying' was met with an equal reply, it was more fighting than one person picking on another. Also us seniors stuck up for the for the kids getting bullied in the lower grades, like if we saw a kid getting bulled we'd put the bully in the bin, verbally abuse them till they cried etc. Quite good times TBH to own the bullies. There was this little crazy girl in grade 9 who was TBH quite funny to watch (she talked to herself, etc) but got picked on alot and there was sum ugly [wagon] [bleep] picking on her so we all verbally abused this [garden tool] till she cried, never saw her pick on her again. Also if I saw any bullying go on I'd walk up and be like WTF are you doing cockhead and the bullies would stop. Even funnier because me and my friends (most of them were like 6"+ tall not me though #-o ) would see it happen and we'd all walk up to a like 5" grade 9er and be like dude, srsly GTFO and they nearly wet themselves. Although some tard in senior used to call me gayboy as a semi joke when I was in grade 9 but he failed life now so GG. Didn't affect me one bit, got a tough skin.
  8. Getting combat on my main 'Lv 3 G O D' #-o
  9. Threaten suicide, say that all the stress isn't worth living for, that'll [bleep] em.
  10. About gibberish, me and my mate speak it sometimes I reckon, the [cabbage] that comes out of our mouths only we could understand.
  11. Current dead I've head 2 figures, an earlier 173 and later today 186 or so. 25M dollars raised so far :thumbsup: All the pics of the burnt out cars on the road demonstrates how fast it travelled. Definately a firestorm, not just any old bushfire.
  12. America, home of the fat (and greedy)
  13. This isn't a sub teacher but my chemistry teacher this year (year 12 chem) was such a mad dude. Our class was small (9 people) so we all has so much fun I always dissed people in class and he'd laugh. Hes also Figi-Indian so in class if he'd ask me a question I'd reply back in a very indian accent and he wouldn't do anything, everyone else would lol. I even called him a terrorist to his face many times and he wouldn't do anything. I'd make terrorist related jokes to him aswell like one time me and my mate were mucking around and he told us to get on with it and I replied with 'Aww sir why you bein a terrorist and blowing up our fun' and random [cabbage] like that. Chemistry was fun!
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