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22k Maple Logs


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I just found out that my kingdom collected 22k maple logs...


What exactly should i do with them?


Sell them.. keep them to train with later? (3 mill exp or 1.5 mill gp)?






I can afford to not sell them, but i'm not too sure i want to burn 22k maple logs anytime soon

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keep about half, for me, maple logs always come in handy, because I need to get 67 fletching, and I hate long training, so I keep some making I can always pick up my fletching/fm training whereever I left.

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Maple longs (u) can be used in MA as a commodity if you really want to get rid of them after making them.




True, but they're highly inefficient. They're worth 4 times less in investment credits than their GP junk value. However if you don't have any worthwhile items for lending and don't think you will in the near future, then this would be the way to go.

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