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  1. Son of a mother duck...

  2. According to his thread on supreme skillers, he's doing fletching and firemaking next.
  3. I remember jebrim laughing at you Suomi just after you finished fishing, apparently you teleported like a minute after you got it, even though you were meant to be having a party for it. I guess it parties are an xp waste! Good luck.
  4. I agree it's nice to see he's still active!
  5. I came up with skillcapes!! Bank guy is awsome though! Good update
  6. I've been awake for 80 hours no sleep before, whilst travelling and partying over new years. I took 1 energy drink and no drugs, but did have some alcohol. At the end I was having a combination of some pretty intense hallucinations and kinda of dreaming with my eyes open. It was definately very wierd. I don't think it would be possible to scape for this long at 1 time without a lot of very strong stimulants, I had to spend most of my time standing up, because the momen I sat down my eyes would close!
  7. Whilst I had more fun playing back then when stats and efficiency weren't important compared to the elitism seen now, I still prefer the game as it is now.
  8. How would they know the difference between a friend giving another friend a present and a RWT?
  9. My fully charged crystal shield gives: absorb melee: 6% absorb range: 12% Both 1% higher than obby shield. It also has higher defense bonuses. Will this make the recharging more worth it?
  10. Syzygy has almost 90 mil wc xp which I believe he got the majority of it from cutting yews.
  11. Why is he wcin artic pines I don't think they're as fast xp as ivy or teaks and other logs give more money?
  12. When did they add that bank upstairs in lumbridge castle? That would have been so useful to me in my noob days! (still in them)
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