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  1. From what I've heard, barraging is more efficient, and people will less likely crash you. As to finding out the price, just add up all the runes. I'm not sure on how many charms you'll get, but you can go to the clan chat 'burstinglobs' and ask there.
  2. Sometimes I think that Cls might be a better option because of what you said. If the majority of Runescapers think that Cls is better, who do you think they would invite to a bandos team first, someone with a Cls or Cr. Even though Cr outpreforms Cls in most situations, other people are going to favor you if you have what they consider the better weapon.
  3. When I have a hangnail, especially when swimming.
  4. You could always go to world 31 and find another persons altar. Bring your own marrens though, because people don't usually keep them lit.
  5. It all depends on how much cash you have. If you have alot, make the highest platebodies you can, unless you love sc or don't have money to spare, then superheat.
  6. Technologic


    Ran at the first cross country meet. Needless to say, it sucked :razz: .
  7. I recently had a game where early on, someone had said that they would tool. I was in the bathroom at that time, and came back 30 seconds into the game. Since no one was keying, and the tooler, which I didn't know was tooling, had a shadow hood, I asked if he wanted to key. Enraged, he promptly cussed me out, saying that I was an inconciderate noob who has no life, and then left the team. Later that day I joined a team with him in it, and half way through he realised that I was in his team, and left. Guess what the next room was that we had to open; a mime room. Another time I was dungeoning, and at the start of the game someone announced that no one should hog all the food. Everyone agreed to this. But 4 minutes into the dungeon, and we were all low on food. He started complaining that everyone was hogging all the food, and demanded that they give him some. I checked his inventory, and he was full of food, and filling up his BoB. I told him to share some food with us, because I had checked his inventory, and the rest of us had less than 5 eels. He quickly denied this, and after the rest of the team checked his inventory, they asked for more food. Not wanting to share, he quickly said a few swear words, and left the dungeon.
  8. My cr degraded much faster at Soul Wars than training at az's.
  9. Ya, range wouldn't be as efficient as melee at blue dragons. If you wanted to train range, train somewhere that gives better xp per hour, such as chinning.
  10. I usually wear proselyte and pray the whole time in the chaos tunnels, using both turmoil and melee protect. With auto retaliate on, it's pretty afkable.
  11. Well if you want to get into a good Armadyl team ( which is what I'm guessing you're looking at) you should probably get 95+, at the least 90+, but you will have some trouble finding one. It might also be a good idea to get 88 summoning, but a fruit bat works fine. For tds, in my opinion, it doesn't really make a difference, and it's mostly personal preference.
  12. It all depends on how seriously you are into going after Armadyl. I've heard that it can increase the kills per hour in a team of 3 substantially. Being that you are on your third chaotic weapon, I would get the crossbow.
  13. Would brawler gloves give more xp than normal?
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