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Monster Hunting ~ Profit?


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So I've been doing slayer for a while and it made a fair bit of cash, but nothing really spectacular, so I'm looking into what would be a good monster for me to hunt to make cash (Because I hate skilling).




My current levels are:


Attack: 79. (Close to 80)


Strength: 82.


Defense: 75.


Hitpoints: 79. (Close to 80)


Prayer: 54.




I've been trying different things but nothing has grabbed me except barrows, but it doesn't seem that profitable. I seem to use 2-3 pray pots easy each trip. So would it be worth carrying on at this? And is there a way to improve this? (I currently mage all except Ahrim with Slayer Dart and pray on all of them except Guthan).




But I'm also a little bored on Barrows, it's a big trip for me. (I haven't done the "Get me there quick" quests yet.)




In conclusion; what monster could I kill for a decent amount of cash? And if possible what strategy do I employ including armor?

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You could maybe try ankous. They drop clue scrolls, deaths and bloods pretty often.



Drops/Clue Finds:

Shield left half: 1,Dragon plateskirt: 1, Warrior's Helm: 1, Obsidian Cape: 1, Robin Hood Hat: 1, Dragon Platelegs: 1, Dragon Boots: 4, Amulet of Ranging: 1

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You wouldn't be able to effectively go GWD with your stats (at least level 85+ to get more than 3 kills a run) so I'd either go Green Dragons, Ankous or continue Slayer. If you find a large group of level 120's who will let you go Bandos with them though you could fair quite well :)


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Aviansies are good for Adamant Bars, you can always do those quests and enjoy Barrows :P. Also farming is a good money maker right now, getting cheap seeds that give you expensive herbs (Toadflax for example)


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What/who is Ankous?




It's not in the bestiary...

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