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[TWR] Akel wins


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Link to the declaration: Declaration




Winning clan (both name + initials): Akeldama(Akel)




Winning clan's member-list: Akel ML




Losing clan (both name + initials): Lost Heaven(LH)




Losing clan's member-list: LH ML




Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof):


Akel Starting (-Mithos Kid)




LH Starting












Other Pics:











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It was indeed a matched opts, however we had one of ours disconnect after the timer went down. giving LH a 1 man advantage from the start.




(16 v 17 start)




We piled their 114 Bzun, while they piled Da Attacking, out level 100. They Ko'd their first pile giving them a fast 2 man lead. Bzun tanked another kill out getting LH a temporary 3 man lead. We finally brought down Bzun, and scored a quick KO on Emiris3 to bring it back down to a 1 man lead. Our snipers were going to work on their binders, allowing the people they piled to drag on a little longer. We continued the war with LH staying 1 person ahead of us untill around 12v12? where our piles were only mere seconds away from eachother. We LH snipers were doing some pretty good damage to our binders, but our anti snipe was in pretty good form today, wasting a lot of their food, to where LH had no snipers on our pile. We got into our robes, binded our hearts out and began to take lead at about 9v9. Ending with a solid 7 people remaining.


Great fight Lost Heaven, was a fun fight, looking forward to our next encounter :)






Akel, you all did great today, starting 1 person down and still winning, we were on our game today. So thank you all for bringing your A-Game today :)

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