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Level 112, Total 1774, Poor...


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I've been training alot my Skills and today, I just asked myself, with this pretty high total level, what do I do now?..




I have no much money, I just spent my last 8m on firemaking...




I have under 1m in items...




I would like to have some advices...




My stats:


http://hiscore.runescape.com/c=hCcvrMYR ... ersonal.ws


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uhh just some suggestions, maybe do some minigames like soul wars, pest control, etc. Maybe do some slayer since thats more of a diverse skill and u can train atleast 3 skills at once. Or if u want some cash, just go and kill green drags, ankous or work on a resource skill for a bit like fishing or woodcutting. I would suggest to do some minigames if ur more bored than anything. Hopefully I'm a help. :)

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your stat link doesn't work. it should be:



http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscoreper ... hepr1de_44




But try to set goals: questcape, all skill 60+, cwars armour. etc. etc.


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

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farming ranarrs.






[spoiler=99's]99 strength achieved 5/27/09.

99 hitpoints achieved 9/30/09.(59,643)

99 attack achieved 11/08/09. (77,453)

99 defence achieved 1/31/10. (63,382)

99 range achieved ( sometime ago )




x15 whips

x53 d boots

x3 visages

x88 g mauls


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Train RC.


Dragon Drops : 5 Dragon Medium Helmets, 3 Dragon Claws, 3 Dragon platelegs, 2 Dragon plateskirts, 2 Dragon Hatchets, 2 Dragon Spears, 7 pairs of Dragon Boots, 1 Dragon pickaxe, 10 Dragon defenders, 3 Dragon 2h swords, 1 Dragon armour Slice, 1 Dragon armour Lump, 1 Dragon chainbody, 1 Dragon kiteshield, 1 Dragon hasta, 1 Dragon ward, 25 Dragon knives pairs
The Warrior's Blog , Herblore Habitat - Efficient and profitable

[hide=Stats and logs]

.:Adventurer's Log:.


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