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May Have Discovered Something About Prayer...


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I don't know if anyone else has figured this out, or maybe it is completely wrong, but I think I may have found something important out about prayer.




Doing Monkey Madness, I teleported into the place with blue d'hide and protect from magic on. The demon's magic never hit me, obviously. But, I took off my prayer to save some, and he still could not hit me. When I went to turn it back on, I accidentally clicked Protect from Ranged attacks, and he started hitting high 20s on me.




Maybe, if you are using say Protect from Melee, you are more likely to be damaged by magic and ranged? Or maybe this was just a coincidence...

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Its Probably just a coincidence, did you try it more than once?





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So you had protect from mage on and a monster couldn't hit you with mage.... but when you turned on protect from ranged his mage attack did damage? I don't see anything new or important here.

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