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The BlacKnights clear TriForce in 38 Minutes - Uncapped PKRI


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A few days ago, Triforce came up to me in Bounty Hunter, asking me to join their clan. I refused and they called us a "clan chat clan" and said "no ml?" and "low level pk leader much?". I proceded to tell them we are the 3rd oldest gaming clan in history.








-About 30 minutes into our 10 minute prep pk trip, we found Triforce located around the Bounty Hunter area. After finding sight of triforce at bounty hunter we quickly rushed them and the fight began.




Blacknights Starting- 48 options


Triforce Starting- 50+ options




As the fight carried out, it was mainly at the same pace as both clans had similar main piles. We stayed on pace of great binding and piling for the remainder of the fight around bounty hunter.




The fight at Bounty hunter-












Although the fight was spread out the majority of the time, both main piles met still evenly. The fight continued for around 40 minutes and then triforce went to Clan wars arena.








Blacknights Ending- 50+ options.


Triforce Ending- 50+ options in single.




While being in single Triforce asked for the fight to continue into greater demons, we agreed and triforce began to walk up. While following them up, the fight immediately began at lava gap.




Blacknights Starting- 57 options.


Triforce Starting- 54 options.




As the fight began it became clear we took the quick advantage as we took down Triforce's binders and low levels quickly. We soon became in full control of the fight in around 25 minutes. The remainder of the fight was Triforce being scattered around greater demons as we just picked them off 1 by 1.




The Fight-














Blacknights Ending-






Triforce Ending- 0 (walked out)








8 and a half years and going strong! Thanks for the fun night Triforce and great fight. Great work Blacknights <3

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