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Tip.It Times: 30 Aug 2009

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I finally read the second one. Based on the criteria listed, I would say I never got addicted. I never dreamed about it, I never let it get between me and my grades or my friends. It was just something to do when there was nothing else to do. I always preferred to be outside with a hockey stick and a tennis ball, even if I was just shooting it at the porch and collecting the rebound. But there WERE the days where I played hours upon hours. But those were when I was barely able to walk (old injury) and so I couldn't do much else.

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The guy who wrote beating addiction sounds like a newb.




^ loled irl :lol:




I didn't.




I did.




There's some sort of word for this situation, which I don't remember. The article is about addiction, and 3hitm4g3u made a comment pretending to act like one of these addicted people, on purpose, to be funny. Rather than take note of any information the article said, he made this post to be funny by calling the writer a newb.




I thought it was funny that 3hitu felt he was in the position to call anyone a newb.

The only difference between Hitler and the man next door who comes home and beats his kids every day is circumstance. The intent is the same-- to harm others.

[hide=Tifers say the darndest things]

I told her there was a secret method to doing it - and there is - but my once nimble and agile fingers were unable to perform because I was under the influence.

I would laugh, not hate. I'm a male. :(

Since when was Ireland an island...? :wall:

I actually have a hobby of licking public toilet seats.


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I was :lol: at the first article for quite a while. Great job skippy =D>




The second one is definitely a serious matter, because I can relate. When I was in year 7 (first year of high school in Australia) and went on a 1-week holiday to the Blue Mountains, with no internet connection, I nearly went insane. All I wanted to do was get back to runescape. I even printed off 200+ pages of moneymaking guides, skilling guides, and runescape articles for the trip so I wouldn't get bored. Yes it was that bad.




My grades were terrible back then, all B's and C's and D's even. I quit for a while, and started again in late 2008. By then I had come to terms with the problem I had and was a bit hesitant to start again, but I've been fine ever since. Addiction is a scary thing, but once you defeat it you feel heaps better :thumbsup:


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Article 2:




That's me :shock: . My grades never dropped, but my eyesight started to get worse. Eventually quit when parent's card got declined :D . It feels so good to be "clean", as you put it.

Your eyesight has nothing to do with how much you play video games or watch TV. My eyes have been steadily worsening since the first grade. I'm legally blind. This is because of genetics, not outside forces.

If the CORPORAL beast is this hard, imagine how hard a GENERAL or COLONEL beast would be. a corporal is not even an admirable rank in armies that use that ranking system.


Yeah, it is a pking minigame, so any arguments anybody makes will probably be biased.

The best way this will end :Everybody just says,"I'm not arguing with you anymore, goodbye."

The worst way this will end: I don't really know, psychological warfare? Worldwide thermonuclear war? Pie eating contest?

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25. I got a guy, i sometimes refer to as my evil twin. He's called Stephen and tells me in all seriousness i have to clean up my room, or my darkest nightmares will come true. Then he starts picturing what that would mean. He's rather imaginative. It's not THAT messy though.

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