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Guide to Harvesting Mort Myre Fungus


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This guide explains how to efficiently harvest Mort Myre fungi, which can be used for potion making or sold for a large profit.



Quest Requirements:


Skill Requirements:


  • 47 Construction or 50 Construction
  • 40 Magic
  • 50 Prayer or 70 Prayer
  • 52 Summoning (optional)


You need 70 Prayer and 52 Summoning if you wish to implement a terrorbird to carry some fungus for you. The level 50 vs. 47 Construction requirement is just for an optional, slightly different method of house-to-bank teleportation.



Preliminary Arrangements:


First of all, you need to have a player-owned house (POH). In your house you will need a chapel room with an altar and a quest hall room with a mounted glory amulet and/or a portal room with Varrock as one of the teleports. Optimal setup is shown:


Click to enlarge.


If you are using a terrorbird, then you have to use the amulet method. If you are not going to use a terrorbird to assist you and wish to use the portal method, you also need to have completed the easy Varrock achievement diary and have switched your teleport location to the Grand Exchange. You will also need to have level 21 agility to crawl under the GE's northwest wall.


Please note that the amulet teleport is a lot easier and requires less to implement. I only put the portal room teleport in the guide because it is another available alternative.



Inventory and Equiptment:


All you really need equipped is your Dramen Staff. Just don't wear heavy armor. You can wear pretty much anything else, though. I like to wear dragonhide. Wearing boots of lightness is completely optional; if you have them, you can wear them. Same goes for a spottier cape. Frankly, your run energy doesn't lower to below fifty percent at any time, so having a lot of weight reduction becomes superfluous.




For the inventory have your silver sickle (b) and house teleport runes. Technically, house teleport tabs would save you two inventory spaces, but the extra cost makes it not worth it, or, if you are making the teletabs yourself, the extra time needed makes the tabs not worth the trouble. Using runes is easier. So, have about 20+ of law, air, and earth runes in your inventory.



The Method:


If you have the required summoning and prayer levels, summon a terrorbird. Make your way to a fairy ring and teleport to the Zanaris ring. Dial B-K-R to get to the Mort Myre Swamp.




From the Mort Myre fairy ring, go south a few spaces to the other side of the little pond. The best place to stand to bloom the fungi is between the three logs as shown in the screenshot. For reference, the transporation icon in the minimap of the screenshot is where the fairy ring is.


Click to enlarge.


When on the square shown above, right-click your sickle and select "Bloom." You will get one to three fungi per bloom cast. If you are using a terrorbird, get a full inventory of fungus, store twelve, and harvest twelve more. I have level 70 prayer, so I usually have just enough prayer points to harvest 36 fungi per trip. Level 50 about guarentees enough prayer points to harvest 24 fungi. After filling up with fungi, teleport to your POH. Go to your altar and recharge your prayer points. If you use the amulet method, rub your amulet in your house and select the "Edgeville" option.







For the Varrock method, teleport using your portal.


Shown are the routes to from the teleport locations to arrive, bank, and use the Edgeville fairy ring to get back to Zanaris.






I timed that without using a terrorbird, one round trip of using the fairy rings, gathering fungus, teleporting and banking took me 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Without a terrorbird, I could harvest 24 fungi per trip. Using the terrorbird took 3 minutes and 45 seconds per trip, and I could harvest 36 at a time.


Without terrorbird:


60 minutes / 2:50 minutes per trip = 21.2 trips per hour


21.2 trips/hr x 24 fungi/trip = 508 fungi per hour


With terrorbird:


60 minutes / 3:45 minutes per trip = 16 trips per hour


16 trips/hr x 36 fungi/trip = 576 fungi per hour



As the price of fungi fluctuates, I will let you do the calculations of profit per hour using these methods based on the current Grand Exchange prices.





  • If choosing the Varrock teleport method, you can switch your house to building mode to save time as you won't have to open doors.
  • Sometimes when harvesting with your terrorbird, a ghast can cover it up so it is not visible. Right-click to find it.
  • You can make use of a Crystal saw to build an amulet mount at level 44 Construction if you don't have level 47.

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Here's a slightly faster option - wear an amulet of glory, a ring of slaying, and an ardougne cloak. After each trip, use the cloak to recharge at a monastery, bank at edge, then teleport to the slayer cave, which is RIGHT BY a fairy ring using the ring of slaying. This will cut at least 20 seconds off of each trip.


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I like it, but you could be more in-depth about alternative methods. If you walk a few steps east of your recommended location, for example, there's a spot with 3 logs, a bush, and a branch - I find that with 70 prayer, I can sacrifice one to three potential fungi in exchange for refilling a druid pouch, enough to keep me from getting hurt while harvesting fungi. In my experience, if I have at least 3 branch or bush harvests when I click 'fill', I only use those to fill the pouch, not the fungi. Also, having completed Fairy Tale pt 3, I don't need to wield a dramen staff - so I use an air staff instead of using air runes, which saves me some money, and replace the now-empty inventory space with the druid pouch. Is there a way to take advantage of the falador shield prayer recharge here? Could you use a canafis portal in your house instead of a glory ammy + fairy ring? What prayer level would make a better BoB worthwhile? There's still more methods you could include in here.


I give you a 4/5 - if it weren't such a good method, it'd only be 3/5, because it is a pretty short guide without much attention given to alternative methods.

Obtained quest cape and base 92 before obtaining any 99s! Currently finishing out my 99s with the (long-distant) goal of comp cape.


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