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  1. I couldn't not see the likeness :$ For the young ones wondering, on the right you have Freddy Mercury from Queen.
  2. That RS-history article was very interesting and made me look up last week's, please don't stop :) I chuckled at the Oziach waiting line
  3. For those wondering, he really has been doing it for ages. This is 28th of December 2005, the day I first heard about him/when friend introduced me to him: I believe we had each other added on msn for a bit, though that's two email accounts ago.
  4. People getting 99 for the skillcape is a brutal overgeneralisation. I don't even bother buying most capes. Of the "level 99" ones I only bought RC, farm and construction. Not counting magic and fletching which I got the day skillcapes came out, because it was new content. That's right, didn't need skillcape motivation there either. You make it sound like people only get 99 to wear the respective skillcape. What about competition with friends or the ability to do all the fun stuff to the full extent? (I got 99 mage back in the day because I wanted to be awesome at maging in castle wars)
  5. I'm too lazy to read every post in this thread, so forgive me if I say something repetitive. I have little to no faith in Jagex' capability to catch bots. Or maybe differently, their ability to punish them. A few months back I knew quite a few people botting runecrafting on their main account (I still know them, but I think they stopped it). They weren't worried about getting banned for this or anything, they simply warned eachother to stop after the 2nd warning from Jagex (or something similar). So basically, Jagex caught some of them twice, but the most those people got as a punishment was a week ban, two weeks maybe? Nothing to be bothered about if you're making money like that and gaining runecrafting levels, still considered one of the more difficult skills to get up. This very reason made me vote no on the referendum without needing any more thoughts, and it was the sole one. My reasoning is that bots aren't as widespread anymore because people have to use the botting programs on their main account to have any real use. Remove the trade limit and people will find a way to bot on another account and pass on the wealth in ways that wont arouse too much suspicion. I can see the botting becoming widespread enough again that jagex' won't be able to look into every case individually to find out where the money went to (not surprising with the amount of players). The things we "gain" with the removal of limits seem too insignificant to play any role whatsoever compared to this huge negative side. Yes, pking and gaining everything of the other player might have been more fun, and giving a friend a proper birthday present was always nice. However, the current approach actually works, whereas the other one never managed to prove even that. Why change a winning team?
  6. You did have choice before and one that was very permanent. Back in the day, you were not able to change your gauntlets from Family Crest arbitrarily. You got to make the choice once and then you were stuck with it. As such, I remember planning ahead and making sure I picked the ones I wanted (I believe at that point, I preferred the cooking ones) to not be stuck with a pair I would hardly ever use. Later this got updated to allow you to change when you wanted for a fee, but before that your choice was indeed permanent and affecting your future. Bringing us back to your point that people will plan to pick the item they find most useful and not go with the answers they believe in.
  7. Such a high resolution to play RS seems more annoying to me :P
  8. Thank you, mysterious strangers.

  9. I would assume it's the same as how long your previous name remains reserved for you only. Check their update news post (or the KB) for details on that.
  10. phpbb, I'm a sucker for open source and the customization possibilities are endless.
  11. Out of pure curiosity, I ran my name checking script on the TipIt P2p list. I use this script to make sure my clan's memblist stays up to date by having it check whether all the names in the list still appear in the highscores. I have never had it fail on me, but I cannot guarantee there might not be a false positive here or there (though I doubt it). [spoiler=List of outdated names]001hayden1 123aidan 3_Point_Man 8r34ch3z0r 999134 Andrew_S_2 Anish00b Archer_Pzyco Artemis1330 Axeraider194 Baalboy5 Bbalking Bflinty1 Bigm115 Billybobj282 Blackknife57 Black_Fox_73 Black_Lite11 Bobbington2 Botanreaper2 Box_098 Brainiac68 Brandon917 Caius_Bear Carl_Dublin Chenw2 Chrish1403 Cleanleper Clifford252 Coenvg Colossus110 C_A_V_V_E_H Dannni_Yea Dark_Dude_98 Dark_Jab Dark_Lord421 Darth_Seers Daviduhlich Death7744 Deborah678 Defrulezdood Demon_Sama_ Den_Usynlige Deviledegg24 Dragon100177 Ebaywizard11 El_Snubbe Evil_Eye_69 F4t4l___Bl0w Fabblesone Falco102030 Fat_Dude26 Ferg161 Feynmanium Finalheaven8 Freak210 Fresi1 Frogact Gandalf_Sivi Genious999 Ghstkill8 Glandring Great_One330 Greenthorn9 Guess_Me_22 Headnazgul Henkkaaa Hermit21965 Hermon1242 Hobgoblinpie Idiot911 Ignite_168 Ii_Ulmo_Ii Im_Jax Inuashakent Itiahjarrat I_Aeil_I Jaspa01 Jersey_Jords Jimbob131190 Joey_Bankstn John_Pax K3nny12 Kembool Kenshinjapan Kidsman99 Killyou704 Kingbrooks10 Kitkat999333 Krampell Krikke321 Lady_Cai Lady_Ninane Lady_Racheya Laikrob Lalala7324 Last_Nubb Laura0077 Lebst Leikjanet10 Lep1234 Limparse Linkzelda30 Lordkafei Lord_Bunkie Ludo_Tank Lugia0013 Madaboutpika Magicplayak Mahpiya_Ate Makilio Malkinthekid Mattie9999 Matto270 Max_Zorin7 Medead0 Mediumship Mega_Ifirit Meow544 Me_Me_79 Mike_Ike111 Minner_Bren_ Mister_Senty Mlll555 Moad14 Monkeh_Chee Mountain_Jam Mr_Muto N00bfiterpk6 Napoleon13 Natedoggygog Nighthawkirl Night_Tied Ninjabool Nyyankees588 Oblivion_Vsz Olis750 Ollyc3 Oropher84 Paisua Peterpan538 Ph_Dragon1 Picard7777 Platinum1004 Psv_Stef Puremage895 Purepure4774 P_Rinny Qhal_Khek Quiet_Fey Range_This11 Red_Buddas Red_Eyed6 Rockdude_D_ Roeckie1 Salim123 Sarg1010 Saru_Inc Scorrtty19 Selhy Sherman245 Silo37 Silver_Brian Sinixtra Sirtommy2005 Sir_Hartlar Slaytanicc Slay_Bug Smellysocks Snake_Slith Solidus_77 Soma2035 Sophia1900 Spaminator92 Sr_Travis_77 Steam_Error Stellactic Stooooop33 Sumpta13 Superdexter1 Supernova190 Supersayin16 Sutty_1292 Tebuchwald Thestig0 Theuberelite Thrawn_Jl Tr_Patje_21 Twinblade137 Tylersk8shop Ultimo_Hobo1 Um_Bong0 Veyron27 Vppunkrocker Wereta Wheels4587 Why_Jordaan Wizard111111 Wouter828 Xlippsx X_Goldor_X X_N00blet_X Yanxrul Zaaps1 Zamuraii Zerker_Inc
  12. Most definitely always use them, their costs are negligible.
  13. Been using it on my laptop since Alpha :thumbsup: Waiting a week or two before upgrading my desktop.
  14. He uses all styles, but even without armour he shouldn't pose much trouble, unless in the event that the monsters on the floor already depleted your food sources so terribly. Can't say I ever had that though. If you do come in that situation however, then the gatestone method is indeed the best (and probably only) method to win that fight.
  15. Wait... what? Where would you get that ludicrous idea? We lacked binders and got beaten plain and simple, NG was better that day. The only thing you accomplish with making such a claim is giving both NG as TT low blows without any reasonable facts. Let's leave the sandbox and grow up, shall we?
  16. Sigh -.- So much ranting over a world. It's especially silly, given that you ended up agreeing to fight on a world hand-picked by a TipIt official, but then make a big fuss about it afterwards. I never even heard of deciding a world along with the rules and I've been playing this stuff far too long now. I cannot believe you're being serious about this.
  17. Wait wut :mellow: And that's the reaction you get with all those babies in game :woeh:
  18. I won it for us then.. Going by that, the winning started after you died.
  19. Yay, more internal rounding errors!
  20. Nobody in the castle? What alternate universe RuneScape do you play on oO
  21. The Green Zone, was only so-so. The Ghost Writer the week before that, was a very nice movie.
  22. For those higher rooms you are supposed to make a boosting potion, Paw Claw, they are bonus rooms for a reason.
  23. Q: Wanna hear some white kids try to rap? A: No.
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