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75 crafting


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You can buy cheap battlestaves with the varrock armor, the better the armor the more staves you'll be able to buy each day up to a maximum of i believe 67.

I'd also buy some crafting potions, they don't cost too much and you will overall get more experience out of them because you will then be able to craft fire battlestaves which require 63 cafting.

When you're 64 crafting you can start making air battlestaves which require 66 crafting.

The potions boosts your level +3 but bad timing may result in a lost dosis which means time lost and money lost which in the end means less exp.

Unless ofcourse you have a timer because stats get drained every 60 seconds then you can bypass the bad timing but it's still more of a hassle than just to wait one more level.


The orbs should be bought on the GE, they don't cost too much, around 1200 gp ea.

You can then still sell a finished battlestave for a profit of around 1k GP.

You can also buy some battlestaves of the GE, i'm not really sure how much money you'll loose doing that but i think it's around 2k GP.


So you should certainly buy your staves every day, it's free exp and it makes a profit!

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200 Battle Staves from Ge (this is considering you put in an offer last night then again in the morning, you can even get 300 from ge a day actually)


68 Battlestaves from Zaff using Varrock armour 3


20 Battlestaves from Baba Yaga


Then purchase air orbs off ge. After doing so make air battlestaves and when your done alch em.


Very efficient and not costly crafting and mage exp.



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