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Team Impulse Vs Elite Assassins


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So, Today after we heard the news of cl canceling our war due to (interclan problems) IJohn our warlord decided to get a war, He went to Elite Assassins(ea)

So after we started preping for the war some1 pmed and told me we were going up against an open cc, So we decided to do the same

we massed around 25-29 people from clans dw,asc,df,df,envy and other clans



^[bleep] that there were none



30min cwri ended in 10mins

starting for them(not real starting)



Pics Of Fight





Gf Ea, or should i say w141ers well done neebys =D>

GJ Impulse and friends :thumbsup:

Talk crap to me or about me. I talk crap back. Say it in my face, i'll say it back in yours.

If you dont like me.

Get over it or stay red mad, Cause i dont give a f. K?


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Something tells me when an official of the the team posts the topic that would have priority over a member posting it.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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