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Spirtual Mages


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Hi i want to lnow if its possible to camp there witout using prayer , and what gear i should bring there. Also how much money per hour is estimated.


Sorry about my bad english ;)

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It is possible, but it's pretty pointless since you'll be getting so few kills. I doubt you'd get more than 600k an hour without using prayer.


If you want to do it anyway, I guess try something like this:


Helm - Neitiznot

Cape - Fire

Amulet - Fury

Weapon - Whip / Rapier

Shield - Rune Defender

Karil's top

Saradomin chaps

Barrows glove

Dragon boots

Berserker ring, (i) if you've got it


Have a zamorak hawk out, and bring with you the following:

Fishing bait

Dragon claws > Dragon dagger (s)


6ish open spaces

Rest super attacks and strengths

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^ where is the healing?


To OP:


Try the zamorak wizards. They have lower hp, and because they are in the zamorak fortress, all you need is a zammy item. The zammy mage cape works great for this. Most of the setup above will work fine, but instead of chaps, bring karils skirt. Instead of the Hawk, bring a few bunyips for healing.


I personally would recommend prayer tho, since you do not have a uni for healing.

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With SGS and pray flicking you can last for the whole 4k kc(max kc).I did it about last year.By pray flicking I can do a single task on 1-1.25 ppots(a ppot and a sip) but that is with using familiar(steel titan).

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if you kill the mages in the saradomin area on a Lootshare world, you can just run into the boss room to restore prayer after the boss is dead. But it's probably not worth doing since Saradomin mages take longer to kill.


If you have soul split, you can easily tank out zammy mages with Karils and just flash soul split when you need healing.



^Golvellius must be so proud^


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