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Chaotic Weapons question


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I was wondering from my current level how long it would take me to get a chaos weapon and if i saved all my tokens from now til 80 would i have enough? I currently have around 1100 tokens (used a bunch on upgrading my rings stupidly i should have saved them).

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If you haven't spent any tokens yet, you will have enough for a chaotic item at roughly level 80. If you have spent tokens, then you would need to of course regain that many more tokens.




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You'll definitely have enough tokens (and then some) by 85, maybe pick up an arcane stream too.


I'd say rapier, amazing for slaying, and good for boss hunting (consensus is that rapier > cls with very few exceptions, such as graardor).


Okie sounds great =] now to get that many tokens i would need to team though right? im not a huge fan of teaming but if its the only option i have to get enough tokens i will


EDIT: I have 1307 tokens at the moment

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anyone know if i can get the tokens i need doing solo med dungeons by 85 for my chaotic rapier?

Doing med or small won't change how many tokens you'll get buy x level, just the speed that you'll get them at. That's because tokens are 1/10th of the exp learned and the exp to x level is fixed.



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You'll have enough tokens soon after level 80, possibly at 81 if you spend a bit more. The fastest exp is to rush floors 1 - 25 (complexity 1, ignoring everything and getting them over as fast as possible), then to 5-man larges for the rest of the floors until you have to prestige again. This is because 5:5's on floor 26+ give a loooot of exp. But I'd just keep on soloing smalls or mediums until you get to floor 26.

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anyone know if i can get the tokens i need doing solo med dungeons by 85 for my chaotic rapier?

Doing med or small won't change how many tokens you'll get buy x level, just the speed that you'll get them at. That's because tokens are 1/10th of the exp learned and the exp to x level is fixed.

Well, the tokens do round down after every dungeon, so there's a slight disadvantage to having your xp broken into smaller chunks as more of them will be lost to the rounding.

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Here's how I train dungeoneering.


For Frozen and Abandoned 1 (F1-17), do solo small rushes on complexity 6. You can clear one in under 10 minutes if you pretty much ignore everything except guardian doors, and the only dangerous boss you have to watch out for on these floors is the Bulwark Beast.


For Furnished (F18-29), do solo meds (or more people if you wish). The exp starts getting higher at this point, and you want to try and maximize your exp now. Be careful with Rammernaut and Lexicus Runewright, melee is ineffective on neither of these bosses. Mage Rammernaut, and range Lexicus.


For Abandoned 2 (F30-35), do 5 man larges. These floors are the absolute best to do larges on, as you get upwards of 50k experience per floor. However, the two hardest bosses, Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan and Bal'lak the Pummeller, resides on these floors, and they frequently appear, so be careful!


You can choose to do 5 man larges earlier than that (some say F25+ is a good starting point), but personally I'm not that much of a fan of teaming, so it's up to you to decide.


Good luck training! :)




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I'd like to point out that the above poster's method isn't quite the fastest. That would be f1-f25 (or until f30) C1-C4 5:1 rushes followed by the larges. As for bosses, if you solo you can melee all of them, no problem. Only in larger teams do you want to care about the best attack styles, and then only on 5:5, not on 5:1, as those are essentialy solo bosses with 5 people.

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