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$2 of goon is a cheaper way to have pre-drinks quickly. Plus every drink when you go out tastes better by comparison.

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Several pints of beer and a half bottle of some rather cheap blended whisky tonight. I'm going to be tasting this tomorrow for definite.

It isn't in the castle, It isn't in the mist, It's a calling of the waters, As they break to show, The new Black Death, With reactors aglow, Do you think your security, Can keep you in purity, You will not shake us off above or below

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So apparently half a glass of whiskey is enought o screw me up.


Then again gin caused me to end up [bleep]ing my 17-year-old cousin who looks a hell of a lot like Sunny from SNSD, short hair version at some wedding receptions, so maybe I'm not 100% sure how badly alcohol in general affect's me.

I was going to eat hot dogs for dinner tonight. I think I will settle for cereal.



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