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Aesta vs Green Dragons


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Aesta versus Green Dragons


So we were asked for a prepped CWRI vs Green Dragons with the following rules:


60 Minute CWRI

Turrets Map in CW

All Styles

Corrupt OFF

Dungeon ON

FoG/RC/Rings ON

Rush on Site

Start at 6:30 PM EST (we started late, apologies lads)




About 19vs19, for both. :-)


Summary: We prepped hard, having two-three events also setup (most no post) and having few before. We wanted this fight and we improved vastly compared to other fights. With only one caller (myself), we thought we would be out-numbered, but it turns out we were even numbers and showed supreme organization while they lacked the ability to catch up. We took a 20-40 kill gap and never looked back. Thanks for the fight. ^_^


Mid Fight:






#Aesta on the IRC.SwiftIRC.Net server.

Contact Marco/Marco[AFK] or any other op.

We are continuously looking for fights, sometimes short-preps.

Thank you Green Dragons for accepting and giving us a fight.

Thank you Aesta & keep this flame-free.


Retired Member of TKO Blitz

Retired Member of Octane

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