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Serpent Eye

~98 -> 99 Herblore

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Hello! <3:


I'm looking to buck up and get 99 Herblore, since I'm so close as it is. I'm currently level 97, with 1,453,532 XP left for 99 (224,707 XP left until level 98.)


For the past few days I have been checking prices and amounts of potions I would have to make, but I haven't been able to come to a decision by myself. I was hoping someone may be able to offer some advice as to what potions or amounts of potions I should make. I'm certainly not expecting anyone to do the math for me, or check the most "cost effective" method. Like I said, I've been doing the math, I know which ways are cheaper versus more expensive, I just don't know which would be the wiser choice.


Cost isn't really an issue, I have way more GP than I will ever spend unless I go insane, but of course the cheaper method, the better.


At present, I have:


  • 877 Overload (4)
  • ~40 - 140 (varies) of each Extreme (3)
  • 1054 Super antifire (4)
  • 335 Super prayer (4)
  • 500 Recover special (4)

I don't ever boss hunt (I think I did one Bandos kill with a friend) so I may have gone a bit crazy with the Overloads, but I am starting to do Slayer more and more. I'm not ruling out boss-hunting as a possibility in the future.


I know I should make more Extreme potions (I just made some more Overloads yesterday, which is why I have so few Extremes currently.) I always Melee tasks. I think the only task I don't Melee is Jungle strykewyrms (Range). Of course, as I'm only 81 Slayer, there may be Slayer monsters I unlock in the future that I decide to Range or Mage.


Since I have been able to make them, I don't think I've ever used a Spec restore in my life...


If you were in my situation, what would you do? Any advice will help. I just need the extra shove in the right direction!


Thank you,


- SerpentEye


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I'd at least hold out till the rogues den update, even if it's not efficient at higher levels, it'll still make herblore xp cheaper.


That said, you stand to gain more from making ovls/extremes, so definitely go with that route.


You might also consider not getting 99 herb, and just making ovls as you need them. Eventually you'll get there, but your risk of making too many of one potion decreases.

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If you don't boss (WHY?!?) just make 3k of extreme attack and extreme strength, as you'll be using these for slayer and general killing. And a couple more extremes and overloads for those rare cases where overloads are prefered on a slayer task.


But personally i'd make 2k of attack and strength extra, and then make all overloads for the rest and start bossing. It sounds like you havn't gave it much of a chance and it can be very fun and rewarding.


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I'd make extreme sets personally, if you do end up boss hunting, you have plenty of overloads (I have used 200 since the exp weekend, nearer 150!)

That or you could buy me turmoilJust get it up when you need overloads or more extremes in the future!


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Thanks for the advice so far, everyone! :thumbup:


I definitely plan on getting 99 Herblore soon; I don't have any desire to hold off on it.


I'll likely make a few more Extreme sets, but hold off on making them into Overloads for now.


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