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Tip.It Times - 1st January 2012

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Finally, I can rest easy knowing I didn't pm a bunch of info to a stranger :P


I think the most telling result is the 10% ish female thing... It not 0, but being out numbered 9 to 1 is still very imbalanced.... If only girls played more video games...

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating - Sophocles


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Was wondering when the survey results would be out. Nice to see tipit is a mixed bunch +)


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Good to see the results of the survey, I wasn't sure what it was for and actually quite interesting results although not many surprises. Although I have to agree with the author that the one surprise was to see an equal balance between positive and negative outcomes about Jagex. The negatives have previously come out very strongly in the forum posts.


I found Blyaunte's article on understanding efficiency very good. A method of game play that I do not really comprehend and is definitely not for me! However, she explained how it was fun for hobby mathematicians (is there such a thing? :shock: ) and gave me a greater understanding of true efficiency players. It also widened the gap between those who complain about the game being boring and 'grindy' and throw the word 'efficiency' around, those like myself who play erratically in the most enjoyable way for me, and the truly efficient players who take pleasure from their planning and strategic approach.


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