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  1. I am a great fan of Jeffrey Deaver, I have recently finished his 'Edge', up to his usual standard :razz:
  2. Absolutely love the video! I suddenly feel an urge to go bot hunting lol :razz:
  3. I have just finished reading Jeffrey Deaver's 'Edge'...excellent book! As normal couldn't put it down :smile:
  4. The river trolls were good at bot bashing, I used to sit there with my fingers crossed waiting for the bot to die and practically cheering when they did! :razz: I was caught more than once by the tree spirit and had to take my axe to Bob to be mended, I think my worst was 4 times in one day lol. But it didn't bother me....it was part of the game. I agree with most people though about the maze!
  5. Erewhon2

    wow RS sucks now

    I may not like all of the updates...but Jagex can't please all of the people all of the time. To stay in the modern market they had to update to attract new players and keep old ones interested. There are plenty of old players still on there, me included. I love RS, still do and I think the new armour styles are terrific, I just wish they would update the rogue armour too as that's one of my favourites :smile:
  6. RWT getting you into trouble in the RW? Possibly a lesson here? ...basically don't do it
  7. For me it was selling un ids (unidentified herbs...in the days when you had to clean them to find out what they were) and I had a regular 'job' of making 10k steel arrows at a time on commission :wink: and I made them from scratch, mined the ore, collected the feathers etc, etc.
  8. Your wish is granted, except that the Nissan GTR has no wheels, no engine and no chassis. I wish I could travel instantly across the country to visit relatives and friends....
  9. I don't really have much of an opinion about the whole 'micro-transactions' thing, I was sure Jagex would end up going that way eventually. After all look at the fortune they made from War of Legends before it became a 'fail' and that was purely based on micro-transactions. With RS it doesn't make any difference to my gameplay, as it's not war based so advantage is only individual. The issue I do have is the same one as many have mentioned....Jagex have taken decisive action previously on 'in game' gambling, yet here they are asking people to use real money on a game of chance they have set up; how is this not double standards? I am very disappointed. :shame:
  10. I agree with the points you have made here. It appears to me that many players see Runescape as having an 'endgame', so therefore they are always striving for faster/easier way to achieve the 'end'. What seems lost is the fact that Runescape is a perpetual game and could be played for a lifetime if you wished it. Everyone has different interests, people have mentioned about how boring agility is, well it was my first cape and I loved it....given half a chance I would do it all over again! So what is boring for one person will be an exciting challenge for another player. With that in mind I have absolutely no opinion about effigies, I have one (and only one) sitting in my bank. If people want to max out using effigies and reach their personal 'endgame' that's their choice, equally if Jagex removed them altogether I wouldn't even notice....because I play for the long term.
  11. Good articles in general this week. For the first article i feel I should say that I am a mature player (40's) and have been playing for about 5+ years. Some people find it very hard to understand why I enjoy it so much, but there is actually a fairly large adult community out there :P With regard to the last article, I have to say the botter gone straight really moved me, it seemed to be directly from the heart and honest. Well done Josh for coming back to a fun game.
  12. That wasn't really my point. My emphasis was on our actions as members of the public, I stated that I choose not to break the law, others choose to download pirate copies therefore break the law consciously and with intention. That is what I don't condone...there is no justification for those actions than self-gratification. Your point suggests it's all the fault of the sites that offer these downloads. Yes they are at fault but are impossible to police properly, therefore we have to be accountable for our own actions.
  13. I haven't read this whole thread, but I have been dipping in and out of it since it started. Essentially what I don't understand is why there is any 'sitting on the fence' or advocating for piracy? Copyright piracy is illegal, plain and simple. If sites like Megaupload only had home made videos available for download, or others with no copyright issues...then fine, knock yourself out and download/upload what you want. But that isn't the case, they conduct activities that are illegal in most if not all of the world. And don't start giving righteous justifications, this is hardly a life and death choice here. I do not want to have a criminal record or be prosecuted in civil or criminal court, so I don't break the law, end of story :shame:
  14. I don't have a problem with a free trial. I believe that a free trial will bring new f2p's into membership quicker and create a more fluid transition. It may encourage long term f2p to sample the full game but I think it just as likely those players will do it for the trial period then revert back to f2p. I find the arguments for updating old content in f2p and giving more areas/skills to f2p ridiculous as it is only career f2p's who will find it boring. Any new players to RS I have met in f2p are usually excited and thrilled at all the content they get for nothing and may well move on to members, as I myself did.
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