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Royal Crossbow & EoC + Another Question


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Just a quick question... How is the royal crossbow in the Evolution of Combat? I'm assuming it's not worth it or not tweaked yet; but I can't find information either way. Thanks!


Edit: I have another question about EoC. How are mage/range in DG? Are they much better, as can I range in a dungeon without a hex or surge everything, or is melee still dominant?


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According to their Q&A Thread [[qfc]311-312-6-63943427[/qfc]],


Q2: Why has the royal crossbow lost that which made it unique, namely its bleeding/lock-on abilities?

A2: In order to keep the new combat system as balanced as possible we had a choice of making the royal xbow a lower level xbow with it's special ability OR lose the special and make it a high level xbow. There were pros and cons of both but we eventually decided on making it a beefy high end 2h xbow blk.gif.


Page 2, Mod Avatar


Imo, it should have retained its ability and lost some of its power - That was the appeal, and given that people who've assembled the Cbow can't get their value back / would upset the market if they could, it'd seem only logic.


I'm not bugged enough to try to, but if you are, I suggest you make a thread on the EoC Forums with some feedback on it, and try to garner support, and Jagex could possibly change it, they actually *listen* to feedback on the Beta ;)






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jagex needs to get over their obsession with balancing everything at every tier. Special abilities were what made items unique and interesting, simply upgrading the stats is boring, and makes it so you always know the best gear for everything.

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CR vs. CLS threads always turn into discussions about penis size.
It's not called a Compensation Longsword for nothing.

I've sent a 12k combat mission to have Aiel assassinated (poor bastard isn't even Pincers-tier difficulty).



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It's got the same stats as swift gloves at the moment (when loaded with royal bolts), when swift gloves regain their special abilities the royal crossbow will become an inferior and more expensive version :P


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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I don't think melee is as dominant, it's harder to use secondary attack styles right now. Magic was pretty powerful when I tried it. To make soloing easier, dg monsters are not too strong versus opposite styles.

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