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Post EoC: Waterfiends, Ranged Guide


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Hello! I am new here and earlier today I came up with this extremely efficient method of killing the heralded waterfiend (level 155), post EoC, through the use of the quick action bar thingy that assigns functions to keyboard buttons.


My relevant stats are: 71 ranged, 99 defence, 80 something constitution yielding some 7600 life points.

The required amount of capital is no more than 150k total when starting from scratch.

My load out, and of course interchangeable with any other equipment preferred, is: Royal Dragonhide top, bottom and vambraces, Helm of Neitiznot, Ava's backpack (varied from person to person), amulet of glory, ring of wealth, rock climbing boots, dual rune crossbows, and regular adamant bolts.


In this method, we will make use of the ranged special abilities of: binding shot, piercing shot, fragmenting shot, sometimes snapshot, but lastly and most importantly, the ultimate ability, deadshot. Given the recharge times on the abilities, it is most efficient (in terms of most damage dealt verses time) to attack with the abilities quickly and in the consecutive order of: binding, piercing, fragmenting, and spamming piercing shot until deadshot is attainable. The combination of binding shot followed by piercing shot followed by fragmenting followed by piercing shots again exponentially outweighs the damage dealt through the traditional auto attack also at a fraction of the time. In addition, this method quickly fills up the adrenaline bar to reach the ultimate ability of deadshot.


When executing this method, it would be most beneficial to perform deadshot on a waterfiend of fairly high health as the ability will, if it hits, deal immense amounts of damage that have averaged, as I have observed, at least 70% of the waterfiend's maximum health. Even if it does not make contact, spamming piercing shot quickly compensates for this and in virtually no time can deadshot be performed again. In a scenario where a waterfiend has a little too much health but not so much as to merit deadshot, snapshot comes into play and can quickly cut down on that extra health to a more reasonably low level and speed up the kill, especially since snapshot takes 2 piercing shots to recover from its adrenaline deduction.


This method, once you have gained momentum, and by momentum I mean the adrenaline bar is constantly fluctuating from the deadshots and constant combo-ing, kills mount up rapidly and it eventually becomes a problem when it comes to trying to pick up the loot. This is where the quick action bar (it's what I'm calling it, the proper name escapes me, its the bar that has 10 boxes on each row that can be assigned to a specific function and linked to a specific key on the keyboard) comes into play. Utilizing this, you can keep one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard, executing the combo or any move in general and gather the loot at the same time. To do this, I recommend assigning the combo abiltiies (binding, piercing, fragmenting, shots) to relatively nearby keys (W, 2, and 3, respectively, work fine for me) and doing so allows me to easily execute the combo to fill up the adrenaline bar to the point where I can reach over to key 5 or 6 for snapshot, if necessary, or deadshot.


The royal dragonhide armor costs virtually nothing (only 400ish gp above 20k), the crossbows cost virtually nothing (no more than 20k for both), the adamant bolts cost virtually nothing (82 gp each, 8.2k for 1000), the helmet costs virtually nothing (less than 30k), the rock climbing boots cost almost virtually nothing (less than 50k) and both the amulet of glory and ring of wealth cost virtually nothing (less than 12k each). Food wise, anything works, though, with a set up like this, the waterfiends hit so lightly, lots of food is negligible; just for reference, monkfish are 180 gp each, sharks are around 300 gp each. Even nothing but prayer potions and going off the low-drain 2x health regeneration prayer in the regular prayer book and resting provides compensation for the waterfiends' hits. The brutal green dragons I cannot even consider an issue, that is, until Jagex figures out the insane amounts of bots swarming them and totally annihilating them within 10 seconds of spawning.


With a strategy like this, waterfiends continues to prove itself as one of the absolute best methods of charm farming (or regular training if that's what you're looking for). Heck, today was the very first time I have ever fought waterfiends, and after I had compiled this strategy earlier tonight, waterfiends have secured the position as the number one method for crimson charm farming due to the ease and simplicity of slaying. I wrote this at 2:45 in the morning, there's bound to be some sort of error or discrepancy or plain blibber-blabber stuff that makes no sense. Please reply back or send me a private message (if this forum has those, I donno, I just came right here right after I registered) if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or anything at all.


Have a nice day :3

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rapid shot will kill a waterfiend almost instantly. so idk why you would waiste your time with using the ultimate.

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I don't hit all that high with the dual rune crossbows, I came across this other person who was using a crystal bow and the auto fire with that hit way over the numbers I was getting.


Rapidshot seems more of a reasonable substitute to fill in snapshot as it consumes the same amount of adrenaline and does more damage but the damage while using dual rune crossbows and regular adamant bolts did not equate to more than the deadshot ultimate ability.


Honestly at this point, I really have no idea what would be the best mode of attack. Anything would work fine I'm certain, which one will work best is still open for discussion.

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You should post the best set-ups with the next best, add some pictures to improve the guide.


You would be better off using a rune 2h crossbow as the abilities does not take in account of off-hand weapons. You'll deal more damage with the abilities with the 2H crossbows.


I found chaotic crossbow were good but i was using rune crossbow for offhand, i will try using karil's 2h crossbow next time to compare the numbers of kills i get per hour in full royal d hide.





I like to think of the Dark Bow like a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) - you get one shot and then you're screwed.
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Alrighty, where do I start.


Ok, first, you should be using EVERY ranged ability EXCEPT for ultimates and escape. Binding shot should always be followed by peircing shot so as to boost its damage (from I believe 125% to 188%). snapshot is useful, even if its not as good as bombardment/rapid fire.


Speaking of rapid fire, when using a royal crossbow and royal bolts, its instant death for a waterfiend. Of course, not everyone HAS a royal crossbow.



As for weapons, rune 2h crossbow is better than dual-weild rune crossbows, and for multiple reasons. First of all, its is average speed (1 attack per 3.6 seconds) vs 2 fastest (1 attack every 2.4 seconds per attack.), which means you use fewer bolts with auto attacks (should you for some reason use auto attacks, say while getting a drink). It also has increased damage, which means it deals more damage per bolt. And lastly, since abilities are used at the same speed regardless of weapon speed, this means you get more damage per ability with a 2h crossbow than with dual-weild crossbows.


Nonetheless, I'd recommend a crystal bow or better, as they aren't difficult to obtain. Although waterfiends are weak to bolts, arrows work well enough. I *believe* using the proper weakness provides a rough 10-20% accuracy boost over same CB triangle type weapons, but since accuracy is dependent purely on weapon level (10*level requirement), this shows that if it is 10% accuracy boost, a T70 bow has better accuracy than a T60 crossbow. (if its 20%, a t60 crossbow would have 720 accuracy, or 20 more than a t7 bow. For this reason, excluding costs, I feel this makes the crystal bow superior to the dragon crossbows).


Use broad bolts if you have 55 slayer. They're pretty cheap and have stats idencial to runite bolts.


You should mention the charms/hour. Just throwing it out there, but waterfiends are, at 99 ranged, an estimated 250 crimsons/hour. This is without ranging potions, combat familiars and prayer. I used a yak and picked up loot, so you can probably hit 260+.


Also, vampyrism aura pretty much makes you impossible to kill for an hour when using abilities. Use it.


And last but not least, don't waste your adrenaline with deadshot. I only use deadshot if all 3 of my thresholds are on cooldown. Otherwise, its just a waste, and even in that scenario, the thresehold cooldowns aren't long, so its still a waste imo. I only do it because the royal crossbow is extremely powerful so it kills a waterfiend while I spam abilities on other waterfiends.



So, a short summary of what I said.


1: 2h rune corssbow > dual-wield rune crossbows

2: Use all abilities barring escape and ultimates*

3: Best weapon is the royal crossbow. After that, probably duel-chaotic crossbows, but at that point I'd stick with the cheaper crystal bow.

4: easily 200+ crimson charms per hour.

5: Vampyrism is extremely good here.

*Deadshot should be used only when all 3 thresholds are on cooldown. Granted even then, its not worth it imo.


Hope this helps.


PS: Use a god coif. Its a level 60 ranging helmet. Costs like 40k >.>



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Quick Pointer: Handcannon is LOADS better than Rune 2h, is the same speed, is cheap to use (with abilities you can manage shooting 1 shot every 5-6 abilities, more if you are good at managing them), and is better than Karils. Think about it.

45,657th to 99 Range 29/09/09 , 41,018th to 99 Mage 13/11/09


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