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  1. The gems would also be more useful if they could be filled from the bank like runecrafting pouches. With most of them, you have to close and reopen the bank for every gem. Also, the non SOF ones seem pretty useless since they disappear after just one trip.
  2. Just got the game. FC is 3325-2758-2753. Added everyone so who posted so far.
  3. Since all weapons across a tier are equal, what would be the point in learning to make new weapons in that system?
  4. On this point, it's worth mentioning we have a visual on Bandos from the Origin of Gielinor video. There's a frame where we see Bandos fighting Saradomin. (RS Wiki has a screenshot.) He has the body shape of an ourg, but his face is more pig-like than Graardor's, so it's iffy. Worth noting we have an ASSUMED visual, it is by no means confirmed. Yes all logical clues would point to it being Bandos, but we have no actual confirmation of this. Interesting thing is that the symbol on his stomach is the mirror of the symbol of Bandos. Whether this was intentional or not could be important
  5. Use dps boosting amulets. Prayer pots are dirt cheap so split dragontooth isn't needed.
  6. As far as I know, there is nowhere ingame except tanking bosses where the extra defense is needed. The damage boost on Nex makes it better almost everywhere. Also, it is starting to come up that PoP armors may degrade differently and do not last as long as Nex gear.
  7. We already have the enchanted water tiara to protect from desert sun.
  8. You have to wear them. As soon as you take them off, all monster of that faction become aggressive.
  9. Is the ferocious ring still worth using over the fremmy rings?
  10. Unless things changed with the EoC update, you don't have to damage Nex beforehand. You may want to tag her just to be safe but you don't have to actually damage her afaik.
  11. Black salamander is an extremely good option for low budgets. It is a level 70 2h bolt weapon
  12. Does the triple charm bonus from familiarization stack with the double drop weekend?
  13. You will need a set of ancient ceremonial robes if you dont want to get zaros kc
  14. Yes it would have... Level 3's would stop camping soulwars and start paying slayers for fast assignments to get slayer points to spend on the 10k slayer xp rewards. Also I'm think that this duo thing will be an extention of the assist system. Anyone think about what other types of slayer pets we could get to buy? For nostalgias sake I could imagine having baby turoths, dark beasts, etc. I'm trying to think what my favorite slayer creature i would like as a pet (other than the ones gained from soulwars or that are familiars)... Don't you need to complete smoking kills to unlock slayer points?
  15. Do you not have the gloves?
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